Access Communications Speed Test

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Average Access Communications Internet Speed

33.07 Mbps
Download Speed
4.9 Mbps
Upload Speed
360.60 m/s
Ping Latency

coHow To Run The Access Communications Speed Test? Having a slow internet connection is really frustrating and annoying, especially when you have to make an important Zoom call. It is important to have a good internet connection when your entire world relies on the internet. 

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What Causes Slow Internet Speeds?

There are many reasons that can cause slow internet speed, including the website’s speed you are trying to load to get information, the number of devices connected to the connection, your router or modem, signal strength, and the conditions of cords connected to the router or modem. If you are having troubles with your internet connection being slow or not working at all, then please make use of the following troubleshooting fixes.

First, Check The PC, Phone, Or Other Devices:

The new devices can usually attain higher internet speeds than the old devices with the same amount of Wi-Fi. Older devices might also impact the performance of the entire network as they take a little longer to actually communicate with your router or modem, slowing down other devices in the house that have to then wait for communicating with your router or modem.

  • Consult the device’s manufacturer for learning the max net speed possible.
  • Try to reboot the device.
  • Keep the devices up to date, and check for malware and viruses.

Test The Internet Speeds:

  • If you own a wireless router or modem, stand within some feet of the modem and connect the device to the 5G network. If you make use of a wired router or modem, connect an Ethernet cord from one of the accessible Ethernet ports on the wired router/modem to the Ethernet port on the device.
  • Then go to the Access Communications Speed Test and tap or click on the Go button.
  • Conduct the internet speed test several times during the day and night and check the average of the internet speeds. 

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Reboot The Modem:

  • Disconnect the power cable from the back of the router or modem.
  • Wait for like twenty seconds at least and reconnect the power cable.
  • Wait for the online (@) light to be steady (it might take some minutes).
  • Reboot the device, reconnect to the Wi-Fi network and then run the Internet speed test.

Check Different Connections:

  • First, take off the coaxial cord from the back of the router/modem and check that it’s in good condition. It ought not to have any cuts, kinks, or punctures.
  • Check that the end of your coaxial cord that plugs into your router/modem isn’t bent or otherwise damaged.
  • Follow the coaxial cord back to its port and spot any damage to the devices or cable, such as coax splitters it may go through.
  • Screw the coaxial cord back onto the router or modem and wait for it to come back online.
  • If you’re utilizing an Ethernet cord for connecting the device to your modem, check the Ethernet cord for any sort of damage like cuts, kinks, or punctures. Also, check the ends for any visible indications of damage. If you have an alternate Ethernet cord accessible, try utilizing that for connecting the device to your modem. Read more