AtLink Speed Test

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Average AtLink Internet Speed

4.98 Mbps
Download Speed
4.49 Mbps
Upload Speed
395.19 m/s
Ping Latency

How Often Should I Run The AtLink Speed Test? How fast is the internet connection? Sure, the ISP has given you a few numbers. But how fast is it, really? There is a good possibility you are not receiving the Internet connection speed you have actually paid for, but perhaps you are. 

Here is how to find out. Simply run the AtLink Speed Test to find out what speed you are getting, and then compare that speed with the purchased plan. You simply have to click on the go button to start the test, and that’s all.

How Can You Interpret The Internet Speed Test Results?

As soon as you click the button, the speed test runs in real-time, showing you the outcome of the internet speed test, comprising the broadband connection upload and download speed. Once the internet speed test is finished, you will see the following results: Upload, Download, Jitter, and Ping. 

It is significant to note that the necessary speed results are calculated in megabits per second (Mbps). The higher the megabits per second the connection has, the faster the online activity ought to be. To understand the internet speed test results better, and perhaps even find methods for increasing the broadband speed if possible, here are some things you ought to know.

  • The download speed ought to be as close to the max of your broadband plan as possible. Recently, though, the majority of ISPs have substantially boosted their download speeds so that they can be at their max.

  • The higher the value, the faster it is to download data from pictures on the web to very large game updates. The higher download speeds also assure outstanding online gaming and streaming access, even when there are several individuals playing games or utilizing streaming services simultaneously. However, with online gaming, another significant factor to contemplate is latency.

  • The upload speed is always slower than the download with broadband. That is by design; we usually download much more than we upload. A few broadband plans from diverse ISPs provide up to seventeen Mbps upload.

  • If you upload videos to YouTube frequently, store the files and photos using the cloud service, video call on Zoom and Skype a lot, or even play video games, the upload speed is gonna matter.

  • If the jobs you are planning to take on include a lot of uploading, it is perfect to choose a broadband plan that has twenty Mbps or higher upload speed. That denotes it is best to go for fifty or above. You do not desire to compromise the speed, particularly if it is for something amazing.

  • If you have got several wifi devices at home, the speeds of such devices will rely on several factors, how far away from your modem they actually are, how fast the max wifi speed is, and how much clogging (other users’ wifi signals) there’s in the area.

  • Testing the internet speed is better using the Ethernet-connected PC for more accurate results.

How Frequently Should I Run The Internet Speed Test?

There is no requirement to check the internet speeds on any particular regimen. The speed tests are available as a diagnostic instrument to assist you in determining if you have an issue. However, if you ever feel like you are not receiving the speeds that you require, you ought to run regular checks as you consider methods for improving the speeds that you are receiving.

For instance, improving the net speed may be as simple as turning off devices that you do not currently require and/or shutting down a few apps on the PC that are chewing through data online. Performing speed tests before and after every shutdown is a helpful method of pinpointing if there was a single device that was an issue. 

Similarly, you may purchase a new router/modem to check if that improves the speeds you are receiving in the house. In this situation, performing regular speed tests at diverse hours can be a good way of checking that the new device is providing good speeds regularly.

What Internet Speed Should I Receive In My Area?

Not all places will be capable of providing the same net speeds, so one thing that is worth recognizing is whether the house is able to get an ultrafast connection before splashing out on it. If you live in a district that cannot get the fastest plans, do not worry; because it does not necessarily denote that you are gonna go without. 

Those types of huge speed plans are just for the heaviest of net users, and the majority of users actually invest in plans more than what they really require. Even streaming video services like Netflix, which is frequently the most demanding thing a house will utilize the net for, requires much lower speeds than several realize.

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Why Is High-Speed Net Important?

We increasingly depend on the house internet as a huge part of our lives. For instance, a lot of users started studying and working from home when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, and for doing that, they were required to create a home office set up and connect to school or work over the net. 

A lot of other individuals have begun their own businesses within their houses, and even the smallest of businesses gain from the business-grade internet connection at the house for interacting with consumers around the world. 

The high-speed net permits you to keep in contact with individuals over video conferencing, share files online fast, make use of demanding Cloud apps, and, on the entertainment side, download video games and enjoy Netflix. For several households, every user in the family will desire to be utilizing the net simultaneously, and that is where the larger plans come in. 

An ultrafast plan, for instance, would permit every individual in the family to be watching high-quality content at the same time without a clear drop in quality. On the slower plans, you may have to contemplate scheduling or rationing when everybody utilizes the more demanding internet services or apps.