ATT Speed Test

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Average ATT Internet Speed

1.04 Mbps
Download Speed
3.67 Mbps
Upload Speed
172 m/s
Ping Latency

Is your ISP (internet service provider) providing the internet speeds you are actually paying for? The majority of individuals know what internet speeds they are supposed to get, but do you know whether you are really operating at such internet speeds? 

While there are a few other things, like the quality of the equipment, the most significant aspect of the internet speed is the internet service provider’s capability of consistently offering you trustworthy service. For testing whether the ISP is living up to their end of the deal, you can perform the att speed test.

Test The Internet Speed

  • Navigate to your PC or device you desire to test. After that, simply disconnect all of your other devices that are on the network to avoid the wifi congestion, even if they are not utilizing the internet.
  • If testing over wifi, then make certain that your wireless device has a clear line of sight, about ten feet from the wifi gateway. Devices utilizing some older standards such as 802.11g or 802.11b cannot get faster internet speeds. Disable your household devices that might cause wireless interference, including baby monitors, wireless phones, Bluetooth devices, and different other wireless video devices.
  • Close applications on the device you are testing.
  • Perform the internet speed test.

What Affects The Internet Speed?

The speed of the internet to the wifi gateway is pretty reliable. However, the internet speed you receive on the devices attached to the network can differ. The number of devices you attach to your wifi, how you make use of them, their type and age, and the wifi signal strength all can affect the internet speed.

The number Of Activities And Devices:

All of the attached devices share the home internet. Trying to accomplish too much simultaneously can slow the internet speed: Videoconferencing, Streaming, Making use of several devices, and Gaming.

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Device Age And Type:

Different wifi devices connect to the home network utilizing the wireless tech and radios.

  • Newer devices and computers are more often than not faster than the ones utilizing the older wifi tech.
  • Older devices or the ones with one to two radios (such as tablets and smartphones) might not be capable of reaching faster internet speeds.

Wi-Fi Signal Strength:

These conditions might weaken your wifi and slow internet speed:

  • Devices being really distant from your wifi gateway
  • Electrical appliances such as baby monitors and microwaves
  • Interference from the wifi networks of your neighbors 
  • Obstacles such as doors, walls, or floors
  • Construction materials such as rebar or concrete

How To Speed Up The Internet?

Take steps to boost the device and internet speed.

Get Results With Simple Changes:

  • Reboot the wifi gateway every few weeks.
  • Place the wifi gateway in a central position away from any sort of obstructions.
  • Move your wifi devices closer to the gateway.
  • Disconnect or turn off devices you are not making use of.
  • Try to make use of the wired connections when you game, stream, and video conference.
  • Append a wifi extender for strengthening and expanding the coverage.

Boost Device Speed:

  • Restart your devices regularly to clear the system errors.
  • Replace your older wifi devices with newer and faster technology.
  • Update your firmware, drivers, antivirus programs, and device and PC software.
  • Set auto-updates on gaming consoles, applications, and computers for running when the network is not busy.
  • Exit streaming applications after listening to music or watching videos.