Aussie Broadband Speed Test

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Average Aussie Broadband Internet Speed

56.61 Mbps
Download Speed
20.58 Mbps
Upload Speed
51 m/s
Ping Latency

How To Run The Aussie Broadband Speed Test? Running the speed test is vital if you desire to know how speedy the broadband connection is. After all, you would want to ensure that you are receiving the speed-tier plan you have actually signed up for. While running the Aussie Broadband Speed Test seems like a huge task for those who have not done it, performing it yourself is actually pretty easy.

It just takes a few seconds to do it, and as long as you perform the broadband speed test in perfect conditions, you can expect precise results. The more accurate the outcome is, the more you will know what the broadband is actually capable of in terms of performance and speed.

Why Is It Significant To Perform The Speed Test?

In the early days of the internet, there was not much you could do to improve net speed. Those days are now over as net users are given speed tiers to pick from with the choice to buy the speed add-ons. And for maximizing the speed tier you have actually paid for, you would desire to know if it is doing according to the best of standards. 

It’s when the speed test enters the picture. Whether you use broadband services for office or personal use, it is significant to know what the net connection is actually capable of in terms of quality and speed. The only method you can get such data is by performing the net speed test.

How To Perform The Broadband Speed Test?

There are several methods to test the net speed, but better stick with your service with a name you would not get confused with something else, speed test! The speed test is frequently intuitive, so it is simple to get started. 

But before you start the speed test, it is important to remember a few things. For the most precise performance and speed reading on the broadband plan, you will want to perform the speed test from a PC browser, not a tablet or a mobile device.

The PC has to be connected to the modem utilizing the Ethernet cord (the majority of modems have one in the box). And since obstruction can affect the accuracy of speed test outcomes, you would desire to eradicate instances that could trigger such a thing. We are talking upload and download on the network, online gaming, as well as streaming videos.

  • Click on the big go button to start the speed test.
  • Wait for the speed test to finish.
  • Make a note of the outcome for the upload speed and the download speed.
  • If the outcome seems low, click on the name of the test server to change it, and then click again.

How Can You Get The Most Out Of The Test?

  • Evade The 7-11 PM Peak Hours:

The better the testing situations are, the more precise the outcome. Because of the congestion throughout the evening peak hours, select a diverse time when testing the net connection.

  • Test Utilizing A Cable Connection:

If you are making use of a PC or laptop, connecting to your net with an Ethernet cord will bring out accurate and consistent results. If you are utilizing a wifi connection, you have to make sure the wifi's proximity as possible. Otherwise, speeds go down fast as you get further away.

  • Make Certain No Other Device Is Connected:

Several users on the same net network can affect the accuracy of the speed test outcome. So whether you are in the office or at home, make certain you are the only one connected to your net when utilizing the speed test.