BHN Speed Test

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Average BHN Internet Speed

100 mbps
Download Speed
100 mbps
Upload Speed
2000 m/s
Ping Latency

If you have purchased the internet package and want to check the internet speed, download, uploads, and Mbps. Then try the BHN speed test for your connection. If you have reached our site after the number of searches then you should check our service for the trust-building, we hope that you will be our customer in the future.

How to perform a BHN speed test?

The process of performing this test is very simple, it just closer to you as this button. You have to press this button and you got clear results of your internet speed.

Things to powder:

Before you start the speed test make sure about these things in order to get the accurate results:

  1. First of all, as I have already told you, use the wired or Ethernet connection rather than the wireless connection. Because the wired connection is the best way to avoid interference.
  2. Close all the applications that are using the internet.
  3. Stop all uploads and download that are in the progress.
  4. Reset your internet device connectivity settings.
  5. Or go for the Troubleshoot Slow Internet Speeds

Knowledge-based facts about your BHN internet speed test results

  1. Mbps: There is a flow of 1 megabit per second that is not sufficient for the fast internet speed. You must need the 8 megabits to make the transaction of an 8-megabyte file per second. And for moving the digital image you need one to two megabytes.
  2. Download Speed: I would like to define the internet download speed as the amount of data received by the host computer. It is the most valuable information that your computer receives in a second. It is uniquely measured in the Megabits per second (Mbps).
  3. Upload Speed: It is the opposite of the download speed. It is the measure of the information that is sent by your computer to the server or the internet. It is uniquely measured in the Megabits per second (Mbps).


I am a researcher that experience slow internet problems all the time. So, I have some suggestion for you to overcome this problem:

  1. If you are experiencing the slow internet problems then make sure that you are using the wired connection rather than a wireless connection.
  2. Use Ethernet or optical fiber cord for the connectivity through the PC and modem.
  3. I am focusing you towards the wired connection because it is less affected by the environment other than wireless. Wireless devices focus the signals that may fall down due to obstacles in their way.
  4. There may be some other reason that many wireless devices are unable to get the signals to speed over 150 Mbps. So, I sincerely recommend you to go with the wired connection.

If your internet speed is slow after resolving these facts then ask your service provides and change your plan.

Note: If your BHN Internet speed level is improved then reset your modem or internet device to achieve the best speed.