Biznet Speed Test

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Average Biznet Internet Speed

45.84 Mbps
Download Speed
47.52 Mbps
Upload Speed
87 m/s
Ping Latency

What Factors Affect The Biznet Speed Test Results? Biznet is actually an ISP that works in Indonesia. At present, it ranks in ninth place of 1123 internet service providers in Indonesia.

What Do The Internet Speed Test Results Denote?​​​​​

After running the Biznet Speed Test, you will learn about the following variables:

  • Upload Speed: 

The upload speed is actually the time it takes to send something, for example, pictures, data, or files, etc., from the device to some other device.

  • Download Speed:

The opposite of upload, the download speed is the time it actually takes to transmit something, for example, pictures, data, or files, etc., from someplace else and put it onto the device, bringing it down from your net.

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What Can Affect The Internet Speed Test Results?

  • If numerous individuals are on the wireless network at the same time, utilizing their diverse devices, every individual might experience slower internet speeds. 
  • The modem, gateway, or wireless router ought to be kept in the open and in a place where there’s no possibility of accidentally covering it, for instance, with a backpack, jacket, or pillow, etc.
  • Make sure that the OSs for the PC or laptop is up-to-date.
  • If the internet speeds are normal with everybody off your net, it might not be a problem with the service, but with the router or some other device on your network. 
  • It is also significant to note that the wireless speeds are frequently slower than the cable connections. That’s because a wireless signal has obstructions it might have to travel through that might slow it down, like windows, walls, or large furniture, etc.
  • Perform a virus scan to make sure malware, viruses, or botnet programs aren’t installed on the PC. 
  • Lastly, restarting the PC is always a great practice to improve the performance, in general.

What Should You Do If The Internet Is Slow?

Before you make contact with the ISP (internet service provider) or your mobile carrier, check if you are running any downloads or other applications like video chat that may be taking over the bandwidth. Close everything and run the test again. 

If the internet speed test results still seem a little slow, restart the computer or phone, router, and modem. Then make certain that the router doesn’t have any QoS (Quality of Service) features switched on. If that does not resolve the issue, here are some more steps you can try. 

Contacting the internet service provider or carrier for assistance is a great next step after you have gone through such steps. Remember that on higher bandwidth internet connections (150 megabits per second and above), you’ll require a higher quality router for keeping up.

Why Are You Receiving Different Internet Speeds Between PC And Tablet/Phone? 

The internet speed test measures the real-time connection, so the speed tests taken within some minutes of each other may differ a bit based on the accessible bandwidth and network congestion. If the internet speed test results are considerably different, make certain that you are:

  • Testing to your same server. The internet speed test chooses a server automatically for testing based on the ping rate, but you can also choose a server for testing.
  • Testing your same connection. If one device is on wifi and the other one isn’t, you are testing the internet speeds of diverse connections.

Also, note that there are huge variations in MIMO stream handling quality and cellular radio quality wifi and between devices. Such variations can make a device give slow speed test results than the other device or PC.

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What Is An Acceptable Latency Or Ping Rate For Online Gaming? 

If you have ever seen that some other player always seems to have the jump on you, that may be because they’ve faster ping rates. Here is a rough guideline:

  • Game over: 200+ ms
  • Struggling: 130-199 ms
  • In the game: 60-129 ms
  • Winning: 0-59 ms