Cable America Speed Test

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Average Cable America Internet Speed

Download Speed
Upload Speed
Ping Latency

Know how fast is Your cable America internet. Get Cable America Speed Test result for download, upload, and latency value in 1 second.

Cable America Speed Test is an accurately designed speed test that will not only calculate the average speed test for your ISP connection but will give you the results separately for each of the downloading speed, the uploading speed and the latency test.


The popularity and growth of the internet during these past decades cannot be overlooked. Internet has reached every nook and corner of the globe and has made lives of millions of people easier.

It is with the advent of internet that people are able to perform many things like streaming high quality videos, downloading documents, sending emails and many more.

A good ISP connection is very important for this specific reason. A fast internet connection make surges that you do not lag behind in work and get daily tasks completed on time whereas a slow internet connection does the very opposite and makes lives of its users miserable.

This led to the birth of speed tests, through which people can check the speed of their internet’s connection.

Speed Tests:

Speed tests are tests are designed to calculate the speed of your ISP connection and help you decide whether the speed of your connection is suitable for you or not.

It comes under 3 labels including

  • The uploading speed/velocity
  • The downloading speed/velocity
  • The latency test/the ping test

We here understand that how much of a misery can a slow internet connection can be and therefore bring you one of the most accurate speed tests on web.

Cable America Internet Connection:

Cable America Internet Service Connection is counted among one of the top internet connections in Central America. It is its powerful connection and great customer service that has helped it to stay at the top in the line of internet connections.

What’s even more interesting is their package plan scheme for its consumers where in there is not a general plan but each user gets a custom plan made according to their needs and uses.

It ranges from a custom plan being made for a student whose most of the daily activities would include sending emails, streaming lectures, and watching shows to plans being customized for big corporates on a grand level.

Now Cable America has its very own speed test too but it is often seen that using the company’s own speed test is not very accurate considering the bias’s that one provider might have with its own connection.

With our speed test, there is a hundred percent accuracy of results since there is no bias towards one internet service provider.

The various packages for cable America service are tabulated as follows:

15 Mb

40 usd/month

20 Mb

50 usd/month

2 Mb

20 usd/month

786 K

20 usd/month

10 Mb

30 usd/month

6 Mb

30 usd/month

4 Mb

30 usd/month

Speed Test Results:

The speed test results of our speed test come after calculating very precisely and accurately various labels such as the downloading speed, the uploading speed and the ping test or what is commonly known as the latency test, each of these are described as under

The average speeds for each of these labels is as under

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