Celcom Speed Test

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Average Celcom Internet Speed

14.59 Mbps
Download Speed
10.62 Mbps
Upload Speed
83 m/s
Ping Latency

Celcom speed test is used to check the speed of the mobile, and it will also fix the internet connection online for the purpose of ping test and download. It is one of the largest networking companies, and it delivers the service that they promise. They are sure of everyone for their excellence.

It was founded in the 90s, and it started exponential growth, and it offers a great number of services, and the main product is Celcom which provides the best services, and their customers are quite satisfied with their services.

Everyone wants to have the best internet speed so they can easily do their work. Having the best internet services, Celcom is one of the best internet services which facilitate the world with their best. It will check the speed of the mobile and also fix the internet connection problems online. People are very interested in this internet service of internet due to its service and fast internet speed.


Monitor internet usage

Business portal

.  Roaming

.  Flexible data sharing


The best way to test Celcom speed is you will make sure that there is no one using the internet. You have to shut down all the programs which are using an internet connection. It will affect the results.

It will provide you the accurate result by testing the internet properties, including speed and pings. It will give you accurate results, and you will get to know the exact results by testing.

This speed test is used to check your internet speed test. This internet speed will give you the results about your internet speed. You will get to know that your internet speed is the same as the amount of money you are paying for.

The speed of it depends on the things like uploading and pings etc. if you are using Celcom broadband, then the speed of the Celcom depends on the persons that how many people are using the internet at the same time.


You need to follow the instructions to check the speed test. At the top of the page instructions are given and it is very easy. You need to click on GO and then it will do everything for you.

The speed test will provide accurate results by testing some internet properties, including pings and speed, etc. It will also receive several bytes from the different servers of the tool while using the Celcom speed test.

This process will be repeated many times to check the overall transfer rate or calculate the exact speed. After that, the test uploading speed is calculated by delivering some bytes to the other servers. This speed test is also used to check the pings.


It is one of the best internet services which provide excellence in their services. It has huge growth in the market and is increasing day by day. Celcom speed test is used to check the internet speed of mobile, and it will fix the problem of internet online.