CenturyLink Speed Test

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Average CenturyLink Internet Speed

152.2 Mbps
Download Speed
6.0 Mbps
Upload Speed
11 m/s
Ping Latency

The CenturyLink speed test will provide you feature tool and will check the speed of your internet.

Bad networks will lead to frustration. Suppose if someone is going to send the files or something like that at a specific or given time, but due to a bad network, they can't send that, and it will make difficulties for them due to bad network.

You feel uncomfortable and disturb when your internet becomes slow. Speed Test is the tool that provides you with tools to check the speed of the internet. It will help you through it and tell you about the problem.


Having a good internet service will allow you to upload and download any files or data easily in a very short period. Reliable and stable internet is very important for a person whose work relies on the internet.

If we talk about the results, it will give you error-free results. You will get to know the exact and accurate speed of your internet. Whether you are at the home office or anywhere, it will do the job. 

To check the quality of the internet, you need to do a speed test and if there is some problem you will find it very easily. The CenturyLink speed test will allow you to check the speed of the internet you are using.

This speed test will select the server which is closest to the location. When you start the test, it will send the information in packets to your device. This speed test measures the ping rate, latency, and upload speed, etc.


This speed test is one of the popular and best speed tests. It gives the real and best experience. It will automatically choose the server which is closest to your location and will perform the test.

If you want to improve the accuracy of your internet, then this speed test is the best option to consider. Run the speed test two times to confirm all the results and give you complete satisfaction.


This speed test is very easy and simple to use. You will get the results in less than a minute, and the result will be error-free. It will tell the exact speed of the internet, and it will tell you that if there is some problem or you need to take some steps to better the internet.

The speed test is very important to check the internet performance. It will give you complete details about the ping rate, uploading speed, and latency. In short, a speed test is the best way if someone wants to check the internet's speed without paying any amount of money because it is free.


CenturyLink speed test is the tool to check the overall performance of the internet. It will give you the exact result. The speed test is free and will remain free. The procedure to perform the test is very simple to understand.