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Know how Speedy your internet connection is with Cnet Speed Test

Are you suffering from a slow internet connection? Don’t blame your device or the modem or the rainy season without conducting a peed test by the Cnet speed test.

Internet connections are core to the smart and tech devices we are using, and the internet connection entirely depends upon its speed. So speed tests are essential to do to be tech-smart. And to troubleshoot your internet issues. 

Cnet Broadband Speed Test

Cnet speed test is one of the best services of tests for speed detection of your internet connection. It helps you to provide a detailed result so you can be very well knowledgeable about your internet connection. 

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Knowing the ram and storage of your smart devices is not enough; the internet plays a vital role in performing all the main actions on your tech devices. So, it would help if you go for the speed tests. 

Cnet is one of the most popular used speed tests to detect the speed of internet connections. Usually, the internet services provide you with their speed test, but it is always better to ensure the results by comparing them to another type of speed test results. 

How to conduct a Cnet Speed Test?

You can efficiently conduct a Cnet speed test by going to the following link The second thing is to do a simple click and then wait for the display of results. 


The Cnet speed test results display on the screen with the following four components:

 Download Test:

The download test means that how speedy your internet connection is to get the data downloaded from the internet to your device. It is usually measured in Mbps. If it shows a figure which is lower than your expectations, then change your internet connection. 

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Upload Test:

The upload test indicates the speed with which your internet connection is capable of uploading any file, document, image, or video on any platform given by the world of the internet. It is also measured in Mbps. Usually, internet connections come with lower upload speeds as most people download more than upload things. 

But if you are a blogger or a developer or you do more uploading then go for the network connections which offer you high upload speeds. 

Ping Test:

Ping tests indicate the speed with which the data is transferred from one place to its destination, such as messages or chats. 

It is measured in milliseconds. 

Jitter Test:

The jitter test indicates the delay in time, which is taken in transferring the data. It is measured in milliseconds. 

Usually, the latency which has a figure lower than 100 milliseconds are sound, but those who are above 200 milliseconds are not good. They also make interruptions during your video chats.  

Speed Tests as Troubleshooters

Sometimes you are blaming the internet services without knowing that the issue might not be with the internet speed. The following are some other factors that can make your internet dysfunction. 

  • The distance of the device from the modem. 
  • Bad weather conditions. 
  • The bad condition of the device which you are using. 
  • An old router. 
  • Technical issues in wires or cables. 

So, by conducting a speed test, you can do easy troubleshooting. It provides information on whether you are having any issues with the provided internet service or your device. 

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When to conduct a Speed Test?

This thing might seem to be tiring to you when you think about doing any test. So, when it comes to speed tests, you might feel the same. 

But you should not as speed tests are neither tough nor time taking. You can do a speed test very quickly, and this answers your question of when to conduct a speed test. 

You must do the speed test almost every week to check a balance in the desired internet package that you have bought. Maybe you are not getting the speed that you have paid for or there might some other factor hindering it. 


Speed tests can be the best choice that you can now make to be well informed about your internet connection. Cnet speed test is one of the best services that provide you with reliable and accurate test results. 

By conducting a speed test, you can know that which kind of network connection may suit you keeping in mind the upload and the download test. 

So, we recommend you to spend a few seconds and know how speedy your internet connection is.