Cogeco Speed Test

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Average Cogeco Internet Speed

58.41 Mbps
Download Speed
10.68 Mbps
Upload Speed
230 m/s
Ping Latency
Speed test Cogeco is counted as the top notch method if your goal is to measure the velocity of your Cogeco Internet service. Our speed tests provide some of the most sensitive and specific test results that you can get from nowhere else. 

COGECO Speed test Internet service values:

Cogeco is an Internet providing company that is based on fiber optic model therefore the speed of this Internet company is one of the highest in its operating region. 
The headquarters of this Internet giant are based in Ontario province, Canada and as of now it is serving the Ontario region only but the plans to extend its service are just on the go. 
They even give their users the ability to call them up for them to come to the customers house to set up. 

COGECO broadband packages list:

Cogeco Internet is one of those brands that take care of their customers by providing a variety of broadband packages including
  • 1Gbps
  • 360 Mbps
  • 180 Mbps
  • 90 Mbps
  • 60 Mbps

The Birth of speed tests:

The fact that Internet Brought comfort and easiness into our lives is not hidden from anyone. It is owing to the Internet that we can now sit at our homes and talk to people over 7 seas in another continent. 
It is owing to the Internet that we are able to send messages, emails, photos and videos across billions of miles in a matter of seconds. 
It is owing to the Internet that we have now reached a place we are able to perform high load tasks such as maintaining data bases of huge corporates and organizing data of patients in large health care settings within in no time. 
It is owing to the Internet that the entertainment industry is now withing the reach of our hands and we are able watch movies or shows on giants like Netflix and amazon. 
However along with these added benefits is one con of Internet service, you never know when it's going to slow down! 
Now the reasons for a slow Internet can be many including a tremendously large amount of data being handled in a short span of time or due to the fault at the provider’s end. 
To solve this issue and see where the fault actually is, speed testes were given birth. 

Speed tests:

Speed tests are careful produced and invented tools that can basically detect the various speeds of your Internet by running some diagnostic tests across your server in a very fast manner. The results are then displayed in the form of broken down components on your screen to be taken a note of and to be the basis of your future action. 

Speed test result components:

Downloading speed is the most principal and key factor in the handling of the Internet speed but we can not solely rely on what the downloading speed value tells us. Ergo, four key variables and factors are must to be included in any speed test and they are 
  • The uploading speed
  • The downloading speed
  • The jitter test or the packet delay variation test
  • The latency test or the ping test 
The first two values are measured in Mbps however the last value is measure in milli seconds. 
Recommendations for a better reading if speed test:
Follow the instructions given below to get a new good reading of your speed test and then run the speed tests again after performing each one of the following tasks
  • Get your devices restarted. 
  • Get your modem cable to be connected directly to the computer. Get your device troubleshooted 
Average internet speed Upto 360 mbps
Average downloading speed 300 mbps
Average uploading speed 10 - 30 mbps
Lowest speed recorded 0.77 mbps
Latency value 100 milli seconds
Speed test results:
    1.The downloading speed
    2.The uploading speed
    3.The ping test/ The Latency test
    4.The jitter test/ The packet variation delay test

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1- The ping test/ The Latency test: What is it and what does it refer to? 
The ping test or the Latency test is used to literally send some data or files from your computer’s server to another person's computers service and then the time taken to do so is measured and calculated. 
2- How do I troubleshoot my device? 
Troubleshooting your computer is now a very easy task. All you have to do is 
  • Go to the computers settings
  • Open the search tool bar
  • Search kb troubleshooting 
  • The option with troubleshooting will appear
  • Just follow the instructions given
  • P.S. It might take some time for your computer to troubleshoot and then restart. Be patient. 
3- I want to complaint to the company about my slow Internet but I am not sure what to say. Any ideas will be appreciated. 
Find the help line service number of your Internet company. Once dialed in, it might take some time for a operator to be free and finally get back to your call. 
Start by introducing and report the problem as slow speed Internet. Additionally, you can also share the statists obtained by running our Cogeco speed test. 
The operator will register your complaint and get back you in a few hours. 


Cogeco speed test completes all the basic parameters of an excellent speed and is therefore your top chance at getting to know your Internet service better.
Don’t hesitate to contact us or your Internet provider in case of a problem