Cogeco Speed Test

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Average Cogeco Internet Speed

998 Mbps
Download Speed
940 MBPS
Upload Speed
Ping Latency

Cogeco speed test at this website allows users to evaluate the strength of ISP for internet in the best analyzed way. To get the analyzed and measured results, click the link at the articles bottom to use our test tool today.

Cogeco internet providers:

Cogeco is a very reputable Internet service provider in Canada and is mostly known in the province of Ontario. It has always served its customers with up to the mark strength of the Internet and speed although it had a few problems in the beginning.

It gives its users a very strenghful source of Wi-Fi.

Whether it be to stream videos or play high index games, Cogeco Internet service is for every use and for every age.

Broadband packages for Cogeco speed test:

Following is a list of some of the best broadband packages offered by Cogeco Internet service:

The flowing list shows the downloading speeds only however if you wish to know the prices for these packages you can visit the official website, enter your address and get a quote.




360 Mbps


60 Mbps

Cogeco speed test: Introduction

Owing to the global birth and spread of the Internet, Internet is now maintained, and has reached each and every nook of the world. It has made the lives of millions of people easier and faster.

People all over the globe use Internet to facilitate their daily lives for many years now and the way the world has revolutionized after the origin of internet is truly mind blowing.

However with all these fascinating ways that Internet has helped facilitate and fasten our lives, comes the problem of its speed.

Daily flow of life is massively affected by the slow speed and strength of one's connection.

To cope up with this problem, speed tests were introduced to the masses so that they can keep a check on their Internets speed and contact their provider in case of a slow connection.

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Speed tests and the science behind them:

Speed tests are calculated analytical methods used to calculate the speed of the ISP for you under the headings of the uploading, the downloading and ping speed.

Worlds first speed tests were designed by two partners back in 2006 and they are currently in use by millions daily.

Components of Cogeco speed test:

A good quality speed test includes up to four very reliable components including

  1. The uploading speed
  2. The downloading speed
  3. The ping test/ The Latency test
  4. The jitter test

Although most of the speed tests just use the downloading speed as s marker of the overall Internet speed.

Ways to get a better speed evaluation:

Better and more accurately analyzed speed tests can be obtained by following the tips given below:

  • It is better to connect your Internet cable directly to your device probably a computer than to run the speed test while your Internet cable is connected to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Confirm that all the apps and tabs on your device are closed before running a speed test.
  • Confirm that no one in the house is downland, uploading or streaming high quality videos at the time of your Internet speed test.

You are bound to get better speed test results by following the above mentioned tips.

After the speed test results come in:

  • You are good to go if the speed test result matches the average good speed of the Internet connection.
  • However, in case of a slow speed try the following steps:
  • Restart your devices. Also don't forget to restart your Wi-Fi router.
  • Try troubleshooting your device.
  • If the above mentioned steps go in vain you can always contact your providers helpline.

Average best Internet speeds:

Average internet speed

100 mbps

Average downloading speed

1000 mbps

Average uploading speed

946 mbps

Lowest speed recorded

0.77 mbps

Latency value

100 milli seconds

Frequently asked questions about Cogeco speed tests: (FAQs)

1- Why is your website the best tool to check Internet speed?

While Cogeco interns official website has a link whereby users can test their Internets speed we always recommend against it since almost always is there some bias involved where by using a third party service for the same need eliminates this bias and provides far more accurate results.

2- what is meant by ping test?

If you have always heard gamers cursing their Internet providers for a slow ping and wondered what exactly ping is, then you are not alone.

Ping gets basically referrers to ana curate measurement of the time that it takes to send data and receiver data on the other end between two different services by your Internet.

A low ping always results in a poor gaming experience.

3- My downloading speed is below average. What should be my next step?

In case of a slow speed test result, you can always begin by restarting both your Wi-Fi router device and your device that you plan to use for checking the Internet speed. You can also troubleshoot your current device in case restarting doesn't seem to work and least but not the last dial the helpline of your provider and make a complaint about your issue.


Having known all there is to know regarding the speed tests, please hut the link given below in order to check your speed test results now.

Feel free to contact our helpline or leave us a message in the comments