Cogent Speed Test

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Average Cogent Internet Speed

18.7 Mbps
Download Speed
7.8 Mbps
Upload Speed
804 m/s
Ping Latency

Cogent Communications is currently working in Greece and is an internet service provider. This ISP ranks in eighth place among sixty-three providers. Cogent Communications, which has been working in the field since 1999, currently offers internet service providers in forty-three countries.

Serving two types of user profiles, it offers services to corporate consumers and companies known as NetCentric (businesses with priorities based on net access). Serving Europe, North America, the Pacific, Atlantic, and Asia, the company concentrates on customer satisfaction.

How Do The Devices Affect The Internet Speed?

These days, it feels like the whole thing connects to the net somehow, from PCs and smartphones to security cams and baby monitors. All such devices in the house share the bandwidth. Each device on the network decreases the bandwidth a portion, particularly over wifi. 

You can think of it like traffic on the public road. Throughout the rush hour, when there is too much traffic, the automobiles travel slower than usual. That’s the same for the net connection. 

Congestion is caused when everybody in the house is accessing the net all at once. Add in a few lane closures, like older devices running back-ups or updates, and the speed is decreased even more. 

  • Wireless Vs. Wired:

A hardwired internet connection will always beat the wifi connection. If possible, make use of an Ethernet cord for connecting devices such as gaming consoles, smart TVs, smart speakers, etc. It is not always possible, but when it is, you will see a huge difference. 

  • Age Of Devices:

The house network is just as strong as the weakest link. It is possible for your older devices on the network to slow everything down for everybody else, even with the newer modem. The older mobile devices, laptops, and PCs with slower processors can be putting the brakes on the connection.

With some new technology coming out each day, we suggest upgrading the hardware every few years. Or take out that old PC or device from the wifi network and just log on when you’re actively utilizing it.

  • Number Of Devices:

The terminology the Internet of Things is utilized for describing all the devices in the house that make use of a net connection for exchanging data. From doorbell cameras to smart locks to Google Home Minis, our houses are filled ever more with the Internet of Things devices. 

All of such devices connect to the network either through a hardwired or wifi connection. A few of such devices, like 4K TVs or cameras, consume too much bandwidth.

It is not unusual for the speeds to drop at night when everybody at home finishes dinner and begins watching Netflix all at once. More individuals online denote everybody is more likely to face slow speeds. Be watchful of the number of devices and users accessing the network. 

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  • Malware And Viruses:

Viral apps like spyware and malware will also slow down the connection. Such apps download to the PC and lurk behind the scenes. If that’s the situation, the spyware could be attached to your network without the knowledge and hogging the bandwidth. 

Always run your network security program, and never click on the email attachments or links from an unknown source. There are numerous apps accessible for assisting you in managing and removing malware from the PC. So make use of any of them to get rid of any virus or malware in your computer.

  • Wifi Routers:

Like the devices, your older routers or modems will really decelerate the connection as well. If the router is more than 3 or 4 years old, it is probably time to consider purchasing a new one. If you’re attempting to push too much data to many of your devices over your old wifi router, we suggest looking into a mesh network. 

A mesh network is actually a system of many wifi access points that team up to sort of blanket each corner of the house with a strong wireless connection. Unlike those stand-alone routers that lose signal the farther you go away from them, the mesh stations piggyback on each other for creating a continuous wireless link throughout the house. By connecting all such access points together, you increase the load the bandwidth can carry.

Conduct An Internet Speed Test:

If the network appears slow, then simply try to perform a Cogent Speed Test. We suggest running a trustworthy internet speed test. You can download the desktop program for free on a PC or mobile device or access it on the website. 

You can make use of it for checking both your wired and wifi connection; we suggest checking both. Keep in mind that all your devices in the house share bandwidth; when you run a speed test, any device in operation will affect the speed test results.