COX Speed Test

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Average COX Internet Speed

82.53 Mbps
Download Speed
9.55 Mbpps
Upload Speed
97 m/s
Ping Latency

 What Does The Cox Speed Test Tell? An internet speed test is a great way of seeing what upload and download speed you’re receiving from the internet service provider. The Cox Speed Test will test the speeds of your internet and let you know about the different parameters like download speed, upload speed, and ping rate. 

Try to check the connection a few times during the day to check if the results change at the peak times of usage. Take the speed test, compare the results and check what you can do to get faster speeds. 

Why Test Internet Speed?

In addition to making sure you are receiving the internet speeds you are paying for in the plan; there are other causes why testing the speed can be helpful:

  • Saving Time:

If you have to utilize the net connection for things like uploading huge files that can take much of your time, you can run the speed tests during the week to check if there is any pattern to when you see slower or faster speeds. You can utilize this data to assist you in deciding the top times for the fastest results.

  • Troubleshooting A Slow Internet Connection:

There might be times when the net seems to be moving sluggishly than what you usually experience. The internet connection could be sluggish because of a problem with the ISP, your router, or your computer. There are causes why you could be facing a sluggish connection, and running the speed test can assist you in troubleshooting the problem.

  • Determining What Speed You Require:

If you have numerous devices utilizing your net all at once or if you like playing online video games, you will require much higher speeds than somebody who utilizes their internet connection to check the social media or weather. If you are receiving a slow response at the chosen internet speed, it might be time to upgrade.

  • Saving Money:

If the net speed is consistently slower than the ISP promised, you might be capable of saving cash by changing the plan to reflect the actual speed you are getting.

How Can You Utilize The Internet Speed Test?

Click on the go button to start the speed test. The test will first calculate the ping rate or how long it actually takes to set up a connection with your server. Then the test will get a small data packet for measuring the download speed. Last, it’ll send a small data packet for measuring the upload speed.

What Does The Internet Speed Test Tell?

The speed test calculates the upload speeds and downloads speeds and will frequently tell you about the ping rate or latency as well. The upload and download speeds are calculated in Mbps (megabits per second). 

The download speeds refer to how fast the device gets data from different online sources, while the upload speed is at which the device can send information to the net servers. Latency, usually referred to as ping, is the time it really takes for the device to get the information that it requests. 

It’s calculated in ms (milliseconds). Latency normally does not make much difference for the casual net users who send emails and browse the web. However, for the users who often engage in live video streaming or online gaming, latency can make a huge difference in the capability of interacting with others.

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What Internet Speeds Do I Require?

The net speed requirements will rely on the number of devices and internet activity types you like. The following are some of the minimum speeds needed for diverse activities. Remember that these are cumulative; you will have to append them together to determine the total needed speed. 



          Required Speed



0.5 Mbps

Video Conferencing


4 Mbps

Online Gaming


4 Mbps

Music Streaming


0.5 Mbps

SD Video Streaming


1.5 Mbps

Web Browsing


1 Mbps

HD Video Streaming


4 Mbps

Tips To Get Accurate Speed Test Results:

Before performing the test, there are some steps you will desire to take to ensure it’s accurate. These steps aren’t essential to take the speed test. 

  • Connect the PC directly to your modem utilizing the Ethernet cord. If the net plan advertises speeds above 100 megabits per second, utilize a Cat6, Cat5e, or Cat7 Ethernet cord for the best results.
  • Close any web pages or apps on the PC that might be consuming bandwidth, such as music and video streaming sites or apps.
  • Disconnect any of your other devices that utilize your net. It comprises any device that might be connected to the wifi network, like tablets, smartphones, wifi-enabled cams, and smart TVs, etc. Such devices can consume bandwidth and meddle with the speed test results, even if you are not actively utilizing them.

What Factors Might Be Hurting The Broadband Performance? 

There are a lot of things affecting the net speed. Apart from the broadband connection, it is significant to contemplate the broadband plan, router, the ISP's network, how many users are online in the household, the PC and router's ages, and the overall capacity of your network.

How To Improve The Internet Speed?

  • Reboot The Router And Modem:

For doing so, unplug your devices for at least thirty seconds before rebooting them. At times, it’s enough to get the net speeds back up to the target range, particularly if you have seen a decline in the internet speed over time.

  • Move Closer To The Wireless Router:

The farther you’re from your router, the slower the net speed. If you have a big house, try to buy a wifi range extender to make certain the signal is strong in each room.

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  • Upgrade The Router And/or Modem:

A few older models cannot support today’s heavy net bandwidth. Review your product specs before buying to make certain it can support the internet speeds at least as fast as the current house net plan. 

  • Rotate The Router Antenna:

Make certain the router antenna is facing inward (towards the middle of the house) to bring a steadier signal to each room.

  • Change The Settings On The Router:

Switching to a diverse channel can at times result in higher net speeds. Make certain the wireless network is protected with a strong password so that others cannot gain access to the house net without your permission.