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Internet came into being in 1982. In the beginning, it was developed with the standards of TCP /IP protocols. The Internet has helped people in every field of life such as commerce, studies, entertainments, knowledge and so on. In short, it has taken the attention of everyone and become the vital part of life. In this era, everyone needs high-speed internet. Since 2000 the internet speed becomes 5 times faster. Now, more than 2.6 billion users can access the internet. Till now, the most preferred medium is Ethernet cables.  The reason behind its likeness is that it is less affected by the noise pollution. The average worldwide broad brand is managing the 11.4 GB/ per months. In short, you are able to download the 3000 emails per day at the rate of 100 Mb.

DSL Speed Testing FREE

If you are searching for the DSL internet speed test then you have reached the right place. On our site, you get the accurate measures of your internet connection. You will get the result in the form of a short summary that involves the download, upload and the average bandwidth speed.

A visitor from many countries used our speed test to check their services. From those countries, South Korea is the number 1 country with the maximum download speed 37Mbps. And America is on 30 number according to statistics. In this era, 96.45% of the total population have the internet access. Others popular countries stats according to the IP traffic is as follow:

  1. North American: 5 BN
  2. Europe: 7 BN
  3. Asia: 5 BN

Internet speed matters in daily life, without it everything is colorless. Internet providers claims about their services, download and upload speed, and bandwidths. Normally, it is quite different than what they claim and what they sell. So, we are here to show you the reality of the internet connection. Start the test and get the clear image of your services. Our results will show the two main points, here it is:

  1. Internet download speed

Our test will show you the download speed of your internet connection. It is basically the rate at which a file is transferred from the internet to the local host. The internet providers generally provide the high download bandwidth to the customer. Because the downloading ratio is greater than uploading ratio.

  1. Internet upload speed

Our test will show you the upload speed of your internet connection. It is basically the rate at which a file is transferred from the localhost to the server. Generally, the upload speed does not matter among the users. And the uploading speed is also slower than the downloading speed. That’s the reason that you may face difficulty in uploading the images or large file to the social media.

In short, internet speed is always less than the communication packages provided by your internet providers. And you can’t get the 8 Mb on the 8 Mb line, there may be some distortion in the path or other factors. But, you can check the overall services here through DSL speed test.