EE Speed Test

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Average EE Internet Speed

33.00 Mb/s
Download Speed
10.00 Mb/s
Upload Speed
185.0 ms
Ping Latency

The services of the internet provided by Broadband can be measure by Broadband speed checker. This will give you the reliable and accurate results of the downloading, uploading, and latency speed of your internet.

Zuku internet speed test

What is EE Broadband?

EE Broadband is the largest 4G network in the UK. It gives internet services at a really fast speed. Broadband is an internet service provider. They provide their services as a wireless connection which also be called FTTC. Also, they provide cable and fiber services for their users to enjoy a good speed internet for the whole family. EE Broadband speed test is a tool to check your 4G/5G internet speed. And for EE (Everything Everywhere) users, you can check your net speed.

Everything Everywhere​ Internet Speed test

An Internet speed test checks the speed of your internet processing at what speed your internet browse or stream. There are several test tools by Ookla through which you can measure your internet speed in few easy steps. 

How you can do the internet speed test?

To check your internet speed. You only need to do some simples steps. It is recommended that for an accurate result, you should connect the device via cable to the router. But, this is not ideal for all people. You can also use a wireless connection.

  • First of all, you need to check your estimated EE Home Broadband according to your postcode.
  • For this purpose, log in to My EE and check the current plan of broadband.
  • Then, Make sure that the internet is connected to your device only.
  • Go to the by Ookla.
  • Press the “Begin Test” button to start your test.
  • After a few minutes, the speed checker shows the results of your internet.
  • The results will be in the form of Download speed and upload speed in the Mbps.

Unifi controller speed test

Process of Broadband speed checking

During the process of speed checking, the speed test is divided into two portions. The one is download speed and the other is upload speed.

  • Download Speed

In the download portion, the connection of speed test servers and computers through which the speed test is done is measured. The download speed is measure in Mbps

  • Upload Speed

In the upload portion, the connection of the computer through which the speed test is running and the speed test servers are measured. It is also measured in Mbps.

The download speed is faster than the upload speed.

Meaning of the measured results

The speed checker will show the results that whether the speed of the internet is good enough for streaming and browsing or not. Now, the question is how we are supposed to add the result in the category of good speed. For this purpose, you need to compare the results to the estimated average speed of your postcode. 

If your internet speed is lower than the estimated speed then you can connect your device directly to the router with cable or you can do a couple of more tests to check the accuracy of the test.

Increase the inaccuracy of the test

For a speed test, you need to focus on certain things to avoid variations in the results of the test. This will ensure a more accurate result.

  • Run the test for more than one time:

It is recommended to use speed test tools for more than one time to avoid any type of error. Also, this will ensure that there wasn’t any type of blip during your test which you have taken already. 

Telekom Malaysia speed test

  • Internet is only connected to your device

Make sure that the internet is connected to your device only to avoid any errors or variations. 

  • Connect with cable

In a wireless connection, the more you are from the router the slower the internet speed. So, for a safe side, try to connect your device through the cable directly to the router.

  • Run test alone

Try to make sure that no other intensive things are running on your browser because these things may slow down your system and can cause inaccurate results.


The Broadband internet speed test is a quick and easy way to check your internet. Moreover, it doesn’t require any technical experience. You can easily do it by yourself at home. There are multiple reasons that one should check their internet speed. Some of them are:

  • To check the availability of faster internet deals in your area.
  • To check the variations in your internet throughout the day.
  • To check that is your provider giving you the promising internet speed.
  • To check your broadband speed in comparison to others.