Ee Speed Test

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Average Ee Internet Speed

48.36 Mbps
Download Speed
12.45 Mbps
Upload Speed
203.55 m/s
Ping Latency

 What Is The Meaning Of The Ee Speed Test Result? EE has recorded the eighth fastest internet speed in the United Kingdom right now, based on the total of 1,102,365 speed tests run over the last twelve months. Out of all the ISPs in the country, EE has the seventh top broadband download speed range and is the seventh most tested broadband ISP in the country.

How To Test The Internet Speed Using The Wired Connection?

It is simple to perform the Ee Speed Test on the broadband speed: for checking the internet speed. You just have to follow a few easy steps. It’s suggested that for a precise result, you ought to connect your device through the wire to your router. But, it’s not perfect for all individuals. You can also make use of the wireless connection.

  • First off, make certain the router is connected to the master socket.
  • Disconnect the device from wifi and then attach the device directly into the router utilizing the Ethernet cord.
  • Shut down any of your other devices that may be utilizing the internet connection (comprising your tablets, mobile phones, smart TVs, and laptops).
  • Click on the go button to start the speed test.

Once done, you will get the results of the upload and download speed tests.

Process Of The Broadband Speed Checking:

Throughout the procedure of internet speed checking, the test is actually divided into two main portions. The one is upload speed, and the other one is download speed.

  • Download Speed:

In the download speed portion, the connection of the internet speed test PC and servers through which the speed test is completed is measured. The download speed is measured in megabits per second or Mbps.

  • Upload Speed:

In the upload speed portion, the connection of your PC through which the speed test is being done and the test servers are measured. It’s also measured in megabits per second or Mbps. You will see that the download speed is always faster than the upload speed.

Meaning Of The Measured Speed Test Results:

The speed test tool will show the outcome of whether the speed of your internet is good enough for browsing and streaming or not. Now, the question is how we’re really supposed to append the outcome in the category of a good internet speed. 

For that reason, you have to compare the outcome to the expected average speed of the postcode. If the internet speed is lower than that of the expected speed, then you can attach the device directly to your router using a cord, or you can run a few more speed tests for checking the accuracy of your test.

Boost The Inaccuracy Of The Speed Test:

For the speed test, you have to concentrate on certain things to evade variations in the results of the internet speed test. It’ll ensure a more accurate outcome.

  • Perform The Speed Test More Than Once:

It’s suggested to make use of the speed test tool for more than once to avoid any sort of issue. Also, it’ll make sure that there was not any sort of blip throughout the speed test which you have taken previously. 

  • Connect Through Cord:

In the wireless connection, the more you’re away from your router, the slower your net speed. So, for the safe side, try to attach the device using the card directly to your router.

  • Net Is Only Connected To The Device:

Make certain that your net is connected to the device only to avoid any variations or errors. 

  • Run Speed Test Alone:

Try to ensure that no other things are running on the web browser because such things might slow down the system and can cause imprecise results.


The internet speed test is a simple and quick method of checking the internet. Moreover, it does not need any sort of technical experience. You can simply do so by yourself at home. There are several reasons that one ought to check their net speed. A few of them are:

  • For checking the broadband speed in comparison to others.
  • For checking that the provider is giving you the promising net speeds.
  • For checking the variations in the net throughout the day.
  • For checking the availability of the faster net deals in the area.