Eir Speed Test

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Average Eir Internet Speed

37.05 Mb/s
Download Speed
29.27 Mb/s
Upload Speed
135 MS
Ping Latency

Eir Broadband is a web access supplier that works in Ireland. This test is more pertinent to evaluate genuine Internet association quality than ISP supported tests since those ordinarily test against a worker inside the ISP and don't test genuine Internet speed.

Broadband velocities

Broadband speed is estimated in Mb/s (megabits every second)

The download alludes to the speed with which you can get content from the Internet. This implies how rapidly you can download a track/tune, see a YouTube Clip, and so forth. Transfer alludes to the speed with which you can send content. This could be sending an email, transferring photographs to a site, or dispatching out a web request structure. A great many people download significantly more than the transfer, consequently, Broadband download speeds are constantly set to be quicker than transfer speeds.

Speed encounters may fluctuate. Download times accept that the whole data transfer capacity (speed) is utilized for the download of the thing. This will shift if the product is being used or different clients are associated simultaneously. For best download experience associate legitimately with the modem through an Ethernet link.


What is a decent ping for a speed test?

You can test the inactivity of your web association by utilizing Speedtest.net, the most mainstream online speed test. (Fun certainty: Speed test was even included in one of the Iron Man films.) Anything under a ping of 20ms is viewed as incredible, while anything over 150ms could bring about perceptible slack.

How quick is EIR broadband?

Eir Fiber broadband can give rates of up to 100Mb which are a lot higher download and transfer speeds contrasted with uncongested broadband.

How accomplishes EIR TV work?

Eir TV utilizes cloud accounts (this implies the chronicles are put away on the web instead of on your gadget) on up to 52 channels, which means you can stream your chronicles at whatever point and any place you need!

For what reason is my EIR TV not working?

Confirm the home attachments are associated. Snap the OK button on the distance to retry. On the off chance that the issue isn't settled, at that point restart your eir vision box On the off chance that the issue actually exists, it would be ideal if you contact our eir vision specialists in our specialized help group here.

How would I get my EIR TV to work?

Eir TV App iOS Troubleshooting

1. Force quit the application. Close the application by swiping up (or double-tap the Home catch on certain gadgets) and open the application once more.

2. Restart your gadget. At that point open the eir TV application again and check whether the issue has been fixed.

3. Check for refreshes.

4. Remove and reinstall the eir TV application from the App Store.

How would I associate my EIR TV to the Internet?

Empower Wi-Fi.

1. All accessible remote organizations inside the scope of your Eir Tab are recorded.

5. Choose the organization to which you need to interface.

6. If the organization isn't recorded, ensure that the organization is empowered and inside the scope of the Eir Tab.

What amount does EIR TV cost?

Eir TV Plus (Basic Pack) is FREE for one month, at that point €9.99 every month for 5 months (€19.99 from that point) for more than 50 channels and you can get significantly more incredible channels with the eir TV Extra (Extended Pack) for an extra €9.99 every month.

Would you be able to record on EIR TV?

You can likewise record on the eir TV Mobile Apps and Online player, simply select the program you need to record and pick the Record Episode and Record Series alternatives where accessible.

What is my EIR WiFi secret key?

Open your program, type 192.168. 1.254 into your location bar and press enter. The username required is the administrator. The secret phrase is equivalent to your Wi-Fi key (imprinted on the base of your modem switch).

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