Elisa Speed Test

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Average Elisa Internet Speed

64.16 Mbps
Download Speed
17.25 Mbps
Upload Speed
42 m/s
Ping Latency

What Should You Know About The Elisa Speed Test? Elisa Eesti is an ISP that works in Estonia. At present, it ranks in third place from the total thirty-two internet service providers in Estonia.

Before Running The Elisa Speed Test

  • Directly connect the PC to your network using the Ethernet cable. Making use of the wireless network might slow down the Internet.
  • Close other devices and apps that are loading your connection during the Elisa speed test.
  • Run your speed test a few times at diverse times and evaluate the average of the speed test results.

How Can You Find The True Internet Speed?

Finding the accurate internet speed is pretty easy. Simply run the speed test. All you have to do is click on the go button. The test will just take a few minutes to finish. Once it is done, you will know the upload speed, ping rate, and download speed.

Factors Affecting Your Broadband Speed & Quality:

The functionality of the Internet connection is actually affected by numerous factors. If the Internet connection seems to be running really slow or crashing all the time, see the instructions on this page for improving the functionality.

For instance, the performance of the PC and modem, the condition of the property's intranet, the usage of the wireless connection, and the load on software and devices that make use of the Internet affect the connection speed. 

Is Your Router In A Good Spot?

If your wireless LAN in the house seems to be crashing and you always cannot locate your network, check where you have set up your router. Are there rooms, thick partitions, or floors between the point of use and your router? Haven't you simply put your router under the bed? 

For instance, a brick hearth built between the router and the access point can actually disturb the connection. It’s a great idea to place the wireless router in the open area, as near to the core of your home as possible, to get the most favorable network coverage. If you live in a big home or a home with several floors, you might desire to contemplate setting up several routers.

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Does Your Connection Work Better From The Other Outlet?

The wiring of your apartment and the condition of your sockets also affect the speed of your internet connection. If you face issues with the connection, a great way of limiting the fault is to try your connection from some other box. 

If your connection is improved from some other box, you know that the issue is with either your previously utilized access point or the wire that comes with it. For the fiber connection, it’s suggested that you attempt to connect with the network wire directly from the first point of access in the house to the PC. It’ll permit you to keep out all other devices and check if any issues remain.

Is Your Internet Ticking Wireless?

The wireless network is always more prone to hindrance than the network wire connection. If you’ve issues with your connection, you ought to always test your connection with the network cable. It’ll make it simple to check if your wireless features are triggering the issue, so take some corrective action.

A VDSL and ADSL Network connection

Is Your Telephone Cable For The VDSL/ADSL Network More Than Two Meters Long Or Are Your Sockets And Telephone Cables Old?

A VDSL and ADSL connection is usually connected to the landline telephone jack. An old and long telephone cord can cause disconnection and slow down. It is a great idea to connect your modem to your telephone box with your phone cable that came in the box with no extension cables. 

The suggested length for the telephone line is two meters. In case of issues, you ought to at least test your connection using the new cord of this length. It’s also not wise to keep your cable really tight. 

If your telephone box is distant from the other devices, you might desire to utilize the long network cable from your modem to different other devices rather than the long telephone cable. Your network cable is better protected and lasts longer than the telephone cord. 

An old and complex telephone network in an apartment with numerous telephone boxes can also trigger issues with the broadband connection. You’ll get the best performance if the additional sockets are confiscated and the connections of your remaining sockets are checked.

Can The Device Have Malware Or Viruses?

Malware and viruses on the machine decrease the performance of the device by taking away, for instance, the processing power of the device.

Is The Bandwidth Blocked When Several Devices Are Utilizing The Internet?

The load might be because of, for instance, the increased bandwidth needs. If you’ve several devices running the net simultaneously, you might require a faster broadband connection or, for instance, mobile broadband for covering the usage requirements. A single device might be the right band of cancer without the acquaintance. Here is how you can test the speed: 

  • Take your speed test using one device at a time.
  • Switch off all of your other devices that make use of the connection (computers, tablets, game consoles, and smartphones, etc.) and close any additional sites and apps from the PC throughout the speed test. Pay close attention to the background file-sharing programs and update programs.
  • For best results, switch off the device you first utilized after the test.

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Are The Settings On The Router Or PC Correct?

The router and PC might have settings that stop you from getting the optimal connection speeds. If the slowdown happens on just one device, check your device and browser settings. With the WLAN connection, a single device making use of the old connection type forces all the other devices linked to that same WLAN to utilize the slower data transfer method. The network cords also have diverse standards that can limit the speed.

Are There Any Extension Pieces Or Branches In Your Connection Pipes?

If your telephone cord is extended by some other piece, or the cable modem wire is connected to the antenna jack using the splitter, your connection might be impaired because of the extensions. For instance, a broken or weakened antenna splitter can slow down the wire modem connection. Plug your modem directly into the electrical outlet with no additional pieces to check if these are harmful to your connection.

Is The Modem More Than Five Years Old?

The broadband routers and modems are the technical devices, as are computers, phones, video game devices, and cars. Now, technology is actually becoming obsolete, and equipment is used up. If the router or modem is numerous years old, and particularly if that model is no longer accessible in the market, you ought to seriously contemplate replacing it. By simply upgrading the modem, you make sure that you have the model that can really support commercially accessible broadband speeds, eradicating any slowdowns and interruptions triggered by the device.

Is The Tablet Or PC Software Updated?

Test your connection on another PC and web browser. Numerous factors on the device, such as your network card and its drivers, can have an effect on the speed you get. You can find the data on different device updates on the official websites of the device manufacturers.

Are Encryption Programs Slowing Down Your Internet?

It’s always a great idea to switch off the encryption apps like VPN connection while running the speed test. An internet speed test over the VPN just calculates the data transfer capacity of your Virtual Private Network (VPN); the broadband connection can actually do better.

Is Only A Single Service Or Site Slowing Down?

At times the slowdown can be because of issues with the individual online service or website, and otherwise, your connection will function properly. Try some other page running a little faster. In such a situation, provide your feedback to the service provider or admin of the online service.