Etisalat Speed Test

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Average Etisalat Internet Speed

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What is the Etisalat Speed test tool?

Etisalat speed test tool is one of the proficient and finest tools to check the speed of the internet. For Etisalat users, the Etisalat speed test is a tool that is used to identify the service of your internet. This tool will check the download, upload, and browsing speed of the internet. It’s a free internet speed test tool. This tool provides you the best quality to check your android and iphone 5g connection.

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How does the Etisalat Broadband Test tool work?

For the Etisalat speed test,

  • You have to go to the website of Etisalat
  • Press the “START” button and then wait for the test to finish. 
  • When the test complete, a report will appear in front of your screen which reveals the results of your internet connection that whether your internet is sufficient enough or not for browsing, downloading, and uploading content or videos. 

This test also shows the IP address of your device like computer etc. and also the name of the company from where your internet is provided.

Another thing, which is vital for the Etisalat speed test is that your internet is only connected to your device. If the result varies every time by checking the internet speed then it means that an unknown person is using your internet. So, due to this, the result can be varied every time or not that much accurate.

What is Etisalat?

Etisalat is a telecommunication corporation which is situated in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is considered the biggest and largest internet service provider in the UAE.

Mission of Etisalat

The mission of Etisalat is to provide the best quality of service to the Country and also internationally. Etisalat also has a speed test tool to check the speed of your internet.

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Speed Etisalat provides

Etisalat is providing a good speed internet all over the Country. Their internet is considered the fastest and efficient internet in the market. Through the addition of the FTTH network in Etisalat Telecommunication Corporation, their internet service became better and expanded as well. Etisalat has the capacity to reach 500 Mbps due to the FTTH network which is quite fast service.

Features of Etisalat Elife Internet Result

When you do the Etisalat speed test, the result which appears has a variety of features that shows the quality of your connections. The features include:

  1. Ping Test
  2. Download Speed
  3. Upload speed

Ping test

The ping test reveals the average time of the response in the answer of a request to the server. It is measured in milliseconds. Mostly, this test measures the small data like less than 500 bytes or so.

Download speed

The download speed is checked based on received data at a specific time which is about 10 seconds. The measurement unit which is used to measure the download speed is Mbps. Download speed highly affects the quality of videos or movies thus this is an important factor.

Upload Speed

This upload speed test also works and measures the speed the same way as the download speed does measure. The upload speed is checked based on data transmission. The measurement unit which is used to measure the upload speed is also Mbps. Upload speed is an important factor that affects the attachment of large files or sending of large videos etc.

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Why Etisalat is best?

  • Etisalat provides a standard quality internet with a fiber network that increases its reliability. 
  • Also, it provides the fastest 3G and 4G plus LTE connections. 
  • It has a good internet speed of 500 Mbps.
  • The Etisalat internet does not overcharge
  • Etisalat internet packages are in the range of every person.
  • It provides wireless services.
  • It accommodates the network to all companies whether it is on a large scale or small scale.
  • It has the Speed test tool which facilitates you with an accurate and non-biased result.


Etisalat always comes up with innovative and technological ideas. Etisalat is providing the best service all over the world at low prices. Their services are accessible for almost everyone and gave us accurate and reliable results. So, if you are looking to check the speed of your internet then Etisalat is the best option. Etisalat speed tests are easily available.