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A fake speed test is a special tool that is designed to help you generate your very own speed test results and customize it according to what you need.


The Internet and its growing popularity is not unknown to any person at this point. With billions and billions of users worldwide, Internet has spread to almost every nook and corner of the world globally.

You can stream high quality videos for hours, join meetings, do online surfing, and download any documents or videos instantly on the Internet.

With this widespread usage of the Internet, the speed of the Internet has become a very important factor since no one likes their Internet to be slow.

And for this very purpose, the term and usage of speed tests has come into being.

Speed tests are online tools that are designed to help you give a very accurate estimate of your ISP connections speed.

The usual labelling for speed tests come under the downloading and the uploading speed, the ping, and the Latency test.

Now sometimes for entertainment purposes mostly, users might want to get a customized version of their speed test in order to fool their friends and family. This leads us to the concept of Fake speed tests.

Fake speed Tests:

Fake speed tests are basically as their name indicates tools designed to get customized speed test results in order to freak out your friends or for many other purposes such as sending to a boss.

How do fake speed tests work?

The way our fake speed tests are designed to work are that there is communication between the server and the Internet client. Our website reverse-engineers it and verifies it.

In layman terms, the user provides us with their desired upload speed and download speed value, these values are then recorded in our database and presented to you at the end of the fake speed tests as a result.

Fake speed test results:

Fake speed test results match accurately with the values provided by the user/client and generally come under four labels including

  • The uploading speed test
  • The downloading speed test
  • The ping test
  • The Latency test

The uploading speed/velocity:

The usual unit used mostly to measure the uploading speed is mbps.

The user puts in a customized value of the uploading speed which after getting recorded in our database displays on the end result.

5 mbps is usually considered to be a good Internet speed.

The downloading speed/velocity:

Like the uploading speed, the unit for downloading speed that is mostly used if mbps too and a good average download speed for an Internet connection is 100 mbps.

The user needs to put in a customized value for the downloading speed too.

Ping test - Latency test:

The ping results is generally considered to be equal to that of the Latency test.

The way it works is the speed test tool tracks the time it took for a set of data to pass from your device (Internet connection) to the server’s connection.

Ping value is especially very important when playing games.

Average Internet speed

12 - 25 mbps

The downloading speed

10 mbps

The uploading speed

5 mbps

Lowest speed recorded

0.77 mbps

Latency Value

100 milli seconds