Fios Speed Test

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Average Fios Internet Speed

510 Mbps
Download Speed
535 Mbps
Upload Speed
-1 Ms
Ping Latency

(Fiber Optic Service) Verizon Fios is an internet speed testing service that has super-fast response and availability for all the East Coast. This service has fibre-optic internet service available for the valuable customers in the area, with availability primarily on the East Coast. Fios speed test is very reliable and trustable as the results are almost accurate.

The testing results of Fios match right up to the speed for different people in the range of 97 Mbps to 940 Mbps. Verizon offers various Fios internet speed plans to customers, and the most commonly used from them are the three-speed plans with low, medium and high range. The fastest speed plan that Fios has to offer is the gigabit plan (940 Mbps) that is made available only in selected locations.

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What Fios Broadband Does?

Fios tests and determines the speed of your internet and the quality of your broadband connection. It helps to return the statistics to show the quality and speed of your internet stats, including the download and upload speed for various files. There are metrics that show internet quality and the average download speed of your internet throughout the month. With the latest improvements, if you use Fios internet, the average download speed that you get with Verizon Fios is 190.04 Mbps.

How to Use Fios Speed Test?

To get the most accurate results of the internet speed of your connection, you have to take the test for speed through different times of the day. You need to be careful about the following things.

· Close all the programs that are associated to internet connection and also disconnect the devices that are using your internet. If there is any device still left turned on, it can have an effect on the results of the speed test.

· Make sure that ethernet cable is connected properly to the modem or router so that there is no medium between them and there is a stable connection for the internet before testing.

· Once you are all checked, you can run and analyze with the tests to find out the actual speed of your internet by getting the average number of results through the execution of the Fios speed test again and again.

How does Fiber Optic Service Test work?

When you click the start option of the test, it starts to measure the strength and connection signal of your network. It will take some time to measure the metrics. This process is done using a dummy file that is sent to the server and back to your system. This dummy file helps to divide the size of the file according to the estimated time to move the file between the network server and your system.

In this way, the Latency is also measured in this test by sending a signal from the device and then receiving it back again in a time frame. This dummy file is a safe and secure file that doesn't include any bugs or viruses, so you can download it in your system without a problem for testing. Make sure all the safety features and firewall of the Windows are turned off. In this way, the speed of your internet connection is properly tested and measured to show the final output.

Download Speed and Latency Test

Users get a precise result and real-time reading of their internet by running a simple Fios speed test. It makes it easier to estimate and understand the performance of your network regardless of any devices connected or apps that are using the internet. It is recommended that users should run this test several times in a day to ensure the exact result for their tests and make an accurate measurement of the output.

Fios Latency Test Results

Fios gives low latency as a wired Internet option in the US as compared to most of the other services. Fios helps to generate better reports and test results that are almost accurate and help you to determine the correct results for further improvements.


This was a discussion about Fios Speed Test and its use in an easy way. We discussed the easy procedure to run this speed test to analyze the speed of the internet connection.


Are Fios speed tests accurate?

Not all the tests are accurate to 100%, but Fios results are very close to the accuracy and are very reliable.