First light Speed Test

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Average First light Internet Speed

19.05 Mbps
Download Speed
12.6 Mbps
Upload Speed
209 ms
Ping Latency

First light speed test is one of its kind speed test that has been created and originated by our website to help you have an in depth and detailed look

First light Internet Speed Test and connection:

First light Internet connection is based on the use of Fiber optics. Its headquarters are located in Albany, New York and it provides a fast and high quality Internet service to most of the new York state.

The best thing about fiber Internet is their customer service. They would prepare already in advance for any storm or high thunder risk warning thus saving their users from any kind of misery. Their field teams are always ready with repair instruments in their hands, in case of any mishap.

The only con of this Internet service is their high proves but when it comes to quality, they are the greatest.

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The speed at which the Internet operates is an important factor for deciding the quality of the Internet.

A fast speed Internet ensures that all of your daily Internet related tasks are done in time.

A fast speed Internet has made lives so much more comfortable. Simple and mundane tasks like communicating, sending emails and performing data related stuff is now no big deal.

But have you ever tried to stream videos on a slow Internet?

How much of a misery is to keep in staring at a preloading screen looking deep into a circle that's keeps on rotating and rotating?

Or how much of an agony it is to have your important work get stuck in the middle because of a slow Internet speed?

Well, a slow speed Internet is something that almost Everyone has encountered at some point in our lives and therefore know how much disturbing it can be.

To cope up with this problem, scientist brought forward the concept of speed tests

Advent of speed tests:

Created in 2006, speed tests became very popular round the globe. The reason being quite obvious is that first of all they very fast in procuring results about the quality of the speed, next thing was that they would give the user a clear idea of how their Internet was working.

Speed test result components:

Four very important at Constituents that basically predict the quality of a speed tests are

  • The uploading speed
  • The downloading speed
  • The jitter test/The packet variation test
  • The Latency
  • The ping test

FIRST LIGHT broadband packages list:

First light Internet has availability of broadband packages for the residents of New York.

We have compiled them all in a single table for our readers convenience.

30 Mbps

50 usd per month

50 Mbps

60 usd per month

100 Mbps

70 usd per month

200 Mbps

100 usd per month

400 Mbps

160 usd per month

1 Gbps

300 usd per month

Recommendations to proceed after the speed test results are displayed:

  • You should go ahead and try restarting your device.
  • You should try and restart your wireless Wi-Fi modem.
  • You should try to connect and reconnect the Internet modem cable.
  • You should try to troubleshoot the device.
  • If none of the above methods work, you can always call the 24/7 helpline of First light Internet service.

Speed test results:

  1. The downloading speed
  2. The uploading speed
  3. The ping test/ The Latency test
  4. The jitter test/ The packet delay variation test

Average speed test values/results:

A good and high quality Internet should at least have the following bare minimum speeds of speed test variables:

Average internet speed

200 mbps

Average downloading speed

198 mbps

Average uploading speed

5 - 10 mbps

Lowest speed recorded

0.77 mbps

Latency value

100 milli seconds

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1- What to do if my downloading speed is okay but the uploading speed is somewhat of a problem?

If you do not belong to a group of creators or influencers where you have to use Instagram or YouTube to upload videos and content, then you probably don't have much use of uploading speed anyways.

If the above is the case, then you can happily process with however your Internet is working for a while.

But if you are a content creator or YouTube video maker, then uploading speed is what’s the most important to you and you should register a complaint to the helpline of your Internet company.

2- I am a professional e gamer. Which speed test will I have to keep an eye on to ensure a good gaming routine?

Usually what most professional e gamers are concerned about is the ping of the Internet which basically sends data or files or messages from one computers server to another computer’s server and then calculate the time taken to do so.

A good ping means a good and smooth gaming routine.

3- Why is a third party website a better way to check my Internets quality and strength?

Most of the broadband services have their own legitimate websites that have the option of speed tests but checking your internet quality through a third part website is not a very good idea.

Since the speed tests are of their own websites and their own channels, some bias involved is a must. To avoid that bias and to get a better understanding of what is the actual speed of your service, third party websites are always recommended and among these third party websites, ours is one of the best.


First light speed test is literally one of the greatest options you can use to check the speed of your Internet service today.

You can then decide how to proceed accordingly after the results of your speed test have been presented and displayed in front of you on the screen.

Your next best option would be to contact your provider’s helpline.

Please feel free to drop by your questions, and suggestions in the comments section down below.