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How does Broadband speed test works?

Internet speed test involves sending data through a dedicated channel between two points on the network. Typically, this means transferring data from the user’s computer to some kind of record-keeping server that has been set up by a third-party testing website. Most websites offer both download and upload speeds so speed test results will indicate the speed of both. It’s worth noting however that speed tests and speed results vary greatly depending on their source – not all speed test websites are created equal, and as such neither should be taken at face value.

One thing to note is speed tests work based on a direct connection between the computer in question and the server being tested. That means speed tests can only provide accurate results if there are no other devices or networks connecting to the same internet service provider (ISP) being used by the user being tested. Network-connected devices like a home WiFi router act as an intermediary for traffic between you and your ISP - so if there are ten people living in a house using Microsoft office 365 download speeds 10 mb speedtest have a 1 gbps connection speedtests are all going to be slower than they actually are.

Because speed tests work by directly connecting to the server being tested, this means speed tests do not take into account how busy internet routes can become. If someone in a specific region is signed up with a certain ISP, but that ISP only has one or two connections to other ISPs spread throughout the country where the user being speed tested lives - then speed tests aren't going to provide accurate results because of how much traffic everyone else using that internet service provider is sending through those same connections at the same time. It's a common misconception that having multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) competing for your business results in faster internet speeds