How To Do Speed Test For Unifi Speed Test

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Average How To Do Speed Test For Unifi Internet Speed

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To be able to use Speed Test via Unifi, you need to have Speed Test application installed in your phone. Speed test application is available for free in both Apple and Android.

You can download Speed Test directly into your phone by searching its name. It should appear as such after installation:

Speed Test has a few features of its own. Speed Test is basically used to get your internet connection speed, and the distance between you and Speed test server. Speed Test basic screen looks like this.

You can choose different servers for Speedtest, as well as different locations around the globe. The default Speed Connection option will be via Unifi's Speed Server.

Speed Test feature is actually Speed server's Client, which works as Speed Test or Speed Server. Speed Test feature of Speed server is used to let you know if the internet connection has been disrupted (is down) by Speed test servers.

If you are facing hard time watching HD videos with buffering and slow speed, here is how to verify the internet speed between modem and router. Speed test will tell you if there is any problem in the internet line itself or not.

How to Speed Test via Unifi.

  • Open Charter Speed Test website
  • After open, it will show you Total time to load webpage
  • Then click Start Test after left waiting for 10 seconds or so
  • Select Type of connection you want to perform speed testWait until it is done with loading bar
  • Result will be shown and all information.