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Here are the top-rated Armenia internet service providers near me in my area. See most fast and trusted networks for wifi and broadband.

Top Armenia Internet Service Providers in 2024

  • Ucom: Ucom stands out as the fastest provider for both fixed and mobile services in Armenia. It leads in the IPTV and fixed internet market and holds a significant position in the mobile internet market.

  • Viva-MTS: This is one of the leading telecommunications operators in Armenia, offering services including mobile connection, internet, and TV.

  • Beeline: Operated by Telecom Armenia CJSC, Beeline is another major player in the Armenian telecommunications sector.

  • Rostelecom: Known for its network that is largely based on fiber-optic cable, Rostelecom covers about 80% of Armenia's territory.

  • iNet: iNet offers high-speed internet starting from 2990 AMD and frequently runs various promotions.

  • Fnet: As one of the leading cable and internet providers in Armenia, Fnet offers a range of services to its subscribers.

  • Interlink LLC: This company provides both internet and television services, including analog, digital, and IP TV channels.

  • Internet Communication Networks: Serving areas like Yerevan city (Arabkir, Zeytun, Davtashen) and Gegharkunik region, they provide high-speed Internet with new technologies and a variety of TV channels.