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Here are the top-rated Bahrain internet service providers near me in my area. See the fastest and most trusted networks for wifi and broadband.

Top 10 Bahrain Internet Service Providers List 2024

  1. Batelco: Batelco is a key player in Bahrain's digital solutions landscape, known for its variety of Superfast Fibre Packages. They also offer comprehensive WiFi coverage across the Kingdom, ensuring connectivity for both residents and visitors.

  2. Zain Bahrain: Zain Bahrain provides a personalized Internet experience with its 4G LTE home broadband packages. They also have a unique promotion allowing users to test-drive broadband packages free of charge.

  3. Viva: Viva is known for its fast Internet connection with 4G+ broadband plans offering speeds up to 225 Mbps. They also offer bonus data with each plan and discounted devices.

  4. Menatelecom: Powered by Viva Bahrain, Menatelecom utilizes 4G+ technology and is recognized for its unrivaled performance and coverage. A notable feature of their broadband plans is free downloads from 12 am-12 pm on most plans.

  5. Kalaam Telecom: Formerly known as Lightspeed, Kalaam Telecom provides HomeNet, a cost-effective home broadband service with various unlimited packages.

  6. STC: STC offers a range of Home Fiber Plans and Mobile Broadband Packages, with various data allowances and price points. They also have a 5G network, providing some of the fastest speeds and best coverage, suitable for intensive online activities like streaming and gaming.