Sub Category:  Internet Service Providers in UAE

Here are the top-rated United Arab Emirates Internet service providers near me in my area. See most fast and trusted networks for wifi and broadband.

Top Internet Service Providers in UAE 2024


  • Ultra Starter: 500 Mbps, AED 429/month, includes 187 HD TV Channels
  • Ultra Entertainment: 750 Mbps to 1 Gbps, AED 639/month, includes 236 HD TV Channels
  • Ultra Sports: 750 Mbps to 1 Gbps, AED 699/month, includes 262 HD TV Channels
  • Ultra Fusion: 1 Gbps, AED 999/month, includes 300 HD TV Channels
  • Other Services: Home installation, Wi-Fi zones setup, Amazon Prime membership


  • Home Starter: 500 Mbps, AED 350/month, includes HDTV Receiver
  • Home Basic Promo: 750 Mbps, AED 350 to AED 529/month, includes 19 Channels, Premium TV, HDTV Receiver
  • Home Basic: 1 Gbps, AED 389 to AED 505/month, includes 19 Channels, Premium TV, HDTV Receiver
  • Unlimited Home Internet Packages: Starting from AED 299 for 10Mbps
  • Other Services: Discounts on installation, promotions for new customers, budget-friendly options

Virgin Mobile (Operated by DU)

  • Offers a variety of data and call packages, customizable via their app
  • Focus on digital-savvy users
  • Plans include options for local and international minutes

SWYP (Operated by Etisalat)

  • Targeted at younger users (15 to 29 years)
  • Offers vouchers for shopping, dining, and entertainment
  • App-oriented services

Both Etisalat and DU provide extensive coverage across the UAE, though the quality of service may vary depending on the region. Virgin Mobile and SWYP, as subsidiaries of the main providers, offer unique packages catering to specific demographics.