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(Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited) Jio speed test is the best service to test your current internet speed on your computer or any device. It can be useful to see your internet speed and performance on the internet.

Jio soft was launched and discovered on 27 December 2015 with the beta for the partners and the employees, and it also became publicly mostly available on 5 September 2016. As there also be 31 September 2019, It is the largest ever mobile network operator.

So they launched the JIO speed test service also to test their internet speed and its fantastic and amazing performance online. You just need to type a Jio speed test. And it will be shown on your device to test the speed.

This speed test of Jio is the most popular service. You can also check the speed of any network by using the jio speed test service.

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Why the Jio Broadband speed test?

The internet you are using to test can also be used frequently to determine if there is something more wrong with your jio network? In case that you have bad internet or the internet is not working fine.

Suppose you have a low internet speed or might face slow downloading and uploading speed. You can use this service to check your internet speed, and you will be informed about what speed you were getting at the moment.

How do I get more speed on JIo?

If you want to increase the speed of the Jio 4g network, follow these steps.

  1. First, you dial *#*#4636#*#*.

  2. Select the option from the phone information also.

  3. Now select the set preferred network type option.

      4. Now you must select LTE


Why does Jio reduce the speed of the internet?

Jio reduces internet speed sometimes because of its signal strength. Now, this is time Jio network becomes slower and slower, and it starts doing the issues that we cannot fix.

Now you can also check your network strength using any application. Go to the play store now and then search for the network strength checker application.

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Good internet speed?

The speed that can run anything in the blink of an eye. Fast to upload anything in few seconds and download anything more significant in a few minutes that we can call the good speed internet.

There are several speed testing services from where you can test the downloading and uploading speed of the internet you are using now.

JioFi speed better than the Jio sim?

JioFi has a router that also uses Jio SIM and its same networks. But the Jiofi router is even more optimized for data services than a Normal Jio sim inserted into the smartphone.

Therefore, we can say that JioFi is faster, and it is reliable to use while others are very slow and can not use it for personal work.


Using the Jio speed test is actually normal to test your internet and its condition that what might it have the condition. You can see the speed of downloading and uploading.

While it is very easy to use and look up the whole speed of the internet, it is being given to you and your devices. Now it became more popular for people around the world also.

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Is Jio is better than wi-fi?

Jio is also a portable broadband device that allows multiple new users and devices to be connected and getting used to it.

Meanwhile, Jio is dedicating the broadband device, and hence this device will not be easy to use nor easy to use the data of the internet. Their fore Jio is much better than the wi-fi and hotspot also

Does airtel wi-fi have good speed?

A good and excellent wi-fo plan is also characterized by high rated super fast and awesome speeds, and it is always-on connectivity. For example, airtel also offers v-fiber.

Connectivity that has 100% uptime and speeds have very good ranging from 150 Mbps to 1gbps, and It is based on plans that which plan will you select and choose

Airtel is also giving the fastest internet speed while they are many others that are much slower than this. It is very comfortable to use.