KCOM Speed Test

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Average KCOM Internet Speed

3.04 Mbps
Download Speed
3.09 Mbps
Upload Speed
162 m/s
Ping Latency

 A Detailed Guide About The KCOM Speed Test! Kcom is an ISP that works in the United Kingdom. At present, it actually ranks in place twenty-two from 3199 internet service providers in the United Kingdom. We know how significant having a reliable and fast internet connection is. 

You utilize the internet for finding the most recent deals online, browse for the dream family holiday, stream the most recent box sets, and download games and films. And with everybody in the house utilizing the internet more and more, on more devices, simultaneously, you require a reliable and fast broadband connection that can deal with the demands of your entire family. 

Testing The Speed - The KCOM Speed Test

The internet speeds can be affected by the wiring, device, and the number of individuals making use of the service, the Wi-Fi, and the website or service you are accessing. Running the KCOM speed test will inform you of the upload speed and download speed which you can then compare to the maximum and minimum speed quoted for your region on a speed checker. 

For the accurate test, make certain no other devices are utilizing the internet connection and, ideally, connect to the router utilizing the Ethernet cable before running an internet speed test (doing so over wifi can be beset with interference).

My Speeds Are Slow; What To Do?

Over the past years, streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Sky On Demand have become more and more well-liked. It actually puts a higher demand on the net and the internet speeds provided. 

Unlike in a few areas of the country, connections have got faster in the network area, and with the real fiber Lightstream broadband becoming accessible to a lot more consumers, you can get the top fiber to the home service in your country. 

Unluckily, a few of us are not receiving the internet speeds we ought to be, and it can be for numerous reasons. Relying on how far the house is from the local telephone exchange, the connection may not be capable of being improved. 

However, if the broadband speed checker says you ought to be receiving faster than what you’re (on the hardwired connection), there are some checks you can actually do yourself to try and improve the speeds.

Getting The Awesome WiFi Experience:

  • What’s Wifi?

Wifi is actually the radio signal that permits you to connect the internet device to the router without cables. Most recent internet devices connect to the router utilizing the radio signal, and it is a far more practical, convenient, and tidy method of utilizing the internet than by utilizing the traditional cables (Ethernet cables). As with the radio signals, the further away you’re from the transmitter, or source, the less powerful or clear a signal and the greater possibility of interference occurring.

My Wi-Fi Is Not Functioning; What To Do? 

Just like when you listen to your much-loved radio station, interference can disturb the signal between the source it is actually being transmitted from (in such a situation, the router) and the device, although the standard router offers one of the strongest accessible wifi signals. You can decrease the interference in a few methods: 

  • Ensuring you are on the correct channel.
  • Make certain the router is closer to the device and away from the culprits. 

The Internet Speeds Are What Is Expected But The Browsing Is Still Slow:

If the internet speeds are coming as expected, there may be a problem with the PC or browser.

  • Web Browser:

If you are making use of IE as the web browser, try making use of a diverse web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox and run the speed test again.

  • The Device:

On any other device, see how many applications you’ve opened in the background; if there are many, it may be why the device is running slow. Try to close the apps you do not have to make use of at the moment, and check if the browsing speeds are up now.

  • The Computer:

If the PC is getting on a bit, it may not be capable of processing as fast as it actually used to. If you are making use of a Windows computer, then hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete buttons at the same time from your keyboard for launching your task manager. 

After that, at the bottom of your task manager, you will see the CPU Usage. If it keeps hitting one hundred percent, it’ll slow down internet browsing. Try to close any apps that you do not have to utilize at that time, and check if now the browsing speed has improved.

If The Speeds Are Slower Than Expected:

If the internet speeds are actually lower than expected, there might be some reasons.

  • Check The Wiring:

The wiring inside the home might also be affecting the broadband. You can check the broadband in the test socket to check if the internet speeds are reaching the property.

  • Telephone Extension Leads:

The longer the line, the slower the internet speeds will be. The extension makes the line longer and maybe makes the internet connection speed drop. Try to connect the router directly to the main phone socket and run your speed test once again to check if it improves the connection.

  • Filters:

The main reason for the slow Internet is the wiring inside the house. Every device, such as routers, landline phones, and Sky boxes, all have to be filtered from your broadband signal. For doing so, you have to connect the micro-filter to every phone socket in the house. 

  • Wireless Connections:

Different wireless connections are always slower than the cable connection. Try to connect the router to the device directly using the Ethernet cable, and run the speed test over again to check if it now improves the connection. If the issue does seem to be with the wireless connection, you can try to move the router to a more central position in the house or change the wireless channel.