KPN Speed Test

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Average KPN Internet Speed

85.48 Mbps
Download Speed
62.17 Mbps
Upload Speed
37 ms
Ping Latency

 How To Get The Most Accurate KPN Speed Test Results? KPN is an ISP that works in the Netherlands. Presently it ranks in the first place from 411 internet service providers in the Netherlands.

Why You Ought To Test The Broadband Speed?

If a slow net connection is not enough to convince you to run a speed test, there are various other reasons you might desire to check the actual internet speed. If the internet service provider has promised you a certain internet speed, you will desire to see that is really what you are receiving (or at least if it is close enough to the promised speed). 

It is significant to note that all internet service providers describe their limits as up-to because the actual net speeds you will receive will rely on a range of things, like the infrastructure to the house (are the cords in great condition), how far you’re from your exchange, and yes the equipment you have in the house, like your router and the devices you are attaching to your internet. 

You might desire to check whether the internet service provider is throttling the data at certain times. Most of the broadband suppliers have off-peak and peak internet speeds, and so at the peak times (weekends and evening), they will decrease the net speeds so they can make sure nobody hogs the bandwidth.

If you desire to compare the net speeds other your neighbors or friends, it is another great reason to check how fast the broadband is running. The last reason for running the KPN Speed Test is to assist the companies in improving their services in certain regions.

How Can You Get The Most Accurate Speed Test Results?

There are many things that can sabotage receiving the most accurate results; whenever you use the speed test to try and learn whether the internet connection is doing as well as the internet service provider says it ought to.

If you desire to obtain the most accurate speed test results of the net connection and reliability, make certain any applications that make use of major bandwidth are not running. You usually desire to evade such that are often pinging to the net checking for changes, like Dropbox, Google Drive, and email, etc.

All of such types of programs are continuously checking for the changes, denoting that they make use of lots of bandwidth all the time. Plus, if the program locates something’s changed, it will begin to re-sync with the account, which could use bandwidth too.

Also, evade downloading anything, even program updates, while you are running the internet speed test for ensuring nothing could take over the network connection. Downloading or streaming media like TV shows, music, or movies is also a big no-no.

The same goes for the non-connected programs. Make certain the PC is not doing anything memory-intensive, like processing video or performing a virus scan. A slow PC could also affect how precise the test results are. Close all the programs apart from the web browser you are utilizing for running the test.

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Aside from the PC, make certain nobody else on your network is utilizing their PC, a connected television, NAS, or mobile over wifi or Ethernet for the same causes mentioned. Proxies can also disrupt a net connection, so turn them off as well as compression engines or VPNs, which can usually mask any connection problems.

Lastly, make certain you perform the speed test more than once to locate an average network speed. If you desire a really precise average speed, try to re-run the speed test at diverse times of the day and learn how badly or well the broadband connection is doing. 

It might be that your network throttling has a damaging effect on the connection, and if that’s the situation, it could be shrewd to pick a broadband provider that does not restrict your speeds at diverse times of the day.