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Maxis Speed Test

Maxis speed test is a useful tool, helping you calculate your internet connection's current upload and download speeds. However, you may want to stop all other internet operations before running the test.

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What is Maxis?

Maxis Berhad or Maxis Communication is a communications service provider based in Malaysia. The headquarter of Maxis is situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It provides a range of communication applications, products, and value-added services for customers, both large and small business owners.

Maxis is among the fastest internet connections in Malaysia. The company has won the Speedtest Award for the mobile network during Q1-Q2 2020. Being a blazing fast internet connection provider, it achieved a speed score of 28.47 to win this award. This includes an average download speed of up to 28.95 Mbps and an average upload speed of up to 12.05 Mbps.

Benefits of Maxis Broadband

Superfast Speeds (Up to 800 Mbps)

When it comes to speed, it is more realistic to compare the Unifi Maxis fiber speed test with the TM because of the speeds they both offer. On the one hand, TM made an unusual decision to keep its 8000 Mbps broadband plans for its pre-existing high-end customers through their Unifi Turbo policy. On the other hand, Maxis offers speeds ranging from 30 Mbps to 800 Mbps to all of its customers.

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Competitive Rates

In terms of costs, Maxis has successfully managed to maintain its prices below TM despite paying for the use of TM's HSSB infrastructure. This becomes even more visible when we look at the higher speed plans ranging from 300 to 800 Mbps.

Free Mesh Wi-Fi Equipment

When signing up for Maxis Fibre, you will benefit from the free broadband terminal unit or BTU. However, if you sign up for the Maxis 500 Mbps or above plans, you will get two free Mesh Wi-Fi units for free.

How to Use the Maxis Speed Test?

Maxis speed test tool is straightforward to use, and anyone using a Maxis internet connection can check their network speed in just a few simple steps. Here is how you can run the Maxis speed test on your smartphone to check your internet connection upload and download speeds.

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First of all, find your Maxis network connection.

Now, look at the signal bars to determine which of your Maxis Fibre network has strong signals.

What you have to do now is to connect your device to the Maxis network, which has the most vital signals.

Launch an internet browser from your device in incognito mode.

Input the official Maxis speed test URL ( in the browser's address bar.

Hit the Go option or press the Enter key.

You will land on the official Maxis speed test web page.

There, click on the Go button, and it will start calculation download and upload speeds.

Wait until the process is completed. Then take a screenshot of the test and send it to your customer care consultant.

However, you should remember that the upload, download, and ping test will be conducted on the closest server available close to your location. This means that the test will also be influenced by other factors like the quality of Maxis's interconnection with the internet backbone.

The speed test is more relevant to analyze the quality of a real internet connection than the test sponsored by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISP test is conducted against a server within the range of ISP, so it does not test actual internet speed.

Final Words

That is all about the Maxis speed test. The telecommunication provider offers superfast internet connections that too at considerably low prices. Moreover, you will get a free broadband terminal unit (BTU) for standard plans, but if you go for their higher speed plans, you will receive two Mesh Wi-Fi devices for free. If your internet is running slow or just want to calculate your internet upload and download speeds, you can use the Maxis speed test to know if you are getting the same speed your internet provider is agreed upon.


Q: Is Maxis better than TM?

Ans: Yes! When it comes to prices or broadband plans, Maxis is considerably better than TM. For instance, Maxis offers its 800 Mbps plans to all of its customers while TM offers its pre-existed high-end customers only.