Neotel Speed Test

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Average Neotel Internet Speed

5.01 Mbps
Download Speed
2.54 Mbps
Upload Speed
10027 m/s
Ping Latency

The Neotel speed test is one of the easiest and simplest speed tests to perform. The internet has now become a very important tool for people because it helps people learn something and communicate. Nowadays, all the activities are done with the help of the internet like children have their classes online than are used to send and receive assignments via the internet.

The internet has now become a good source of learning something new, and it creates an idea in the mind of the learner. The internet now has created many opportunities for people to learn something new for the betterment of the future.

The most important thing is that the internet has now reduced the distance between people around the world. So, if someone's internet is bad, especially if someone is streaming or someone is a gamer who needs good internet for it will make him uncomfortable and feel disturbed.

If someone is wondering how he will get to know the speed of their internet and if there is some problem, then the Neotel speed test is here, giving you the instant results with the exact and accurate results.


Neotel speed test is a test of internet speed that will fix the internet's problem, and it will give you an idea that your internet is good or not or if there is any problem it will tell you that with the instant result.

Everyone wants to have a better network to enjoy it because it is very important to have a good network connection. It will be easy for everyone because if someone wants to send or upload, download some big files like movies or something. If the network is bad, it will take a lot of time, but it will download very fast if it is good.


The website of the Neotel speed test is very easy and simple to use. You need to do one thing follow the instructions, and it will lead you to the speed test. The speed test will get you the results very fast. The results are going to be error-free and will be exact and accurate.

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  • Anti DDoS
  • Virtual telephone etc.
  • Smallest ping
  • Interactive television
  • Datacenter


  • Kocani
  • Bitola
  • Kicevo
  • Ohrid
  • Saraj
  • Shtip
  • Skopje
  • Kumanovo
  • Gostivar
  • Kriva Palanka
  • Struga


Neotel speed test is used to test the speed of the internet. It will tell you the exact and accurate result, and then you are able to find that if you are getting the speed of the internet equal to the amount you are paying for. The website is very simple and easy to use. Within seconds, you can find the results of your internet, and you will be able to take the next step. If the results do not come out according to your expectations, then you need to concern with the service provider.