North State Speed Test

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Average North State Internet Speed

15.3 mbps
Download Speed
11.9 Mbps
Upload Speed
35 ms
Ping Latency

North state speed test - A diagnostic tool that can be used to measure the speed of the your North state Internet service in seconds. It provides you a complete detail of your speed test result along with the very important and basic variable of speed tests. Complete detail about north state speed test is given below.

North state Internet Speed Test:

North state Internet service is one of best Internet services you can come across in North Carolina. It has packages that fulfill and suit to almost every need of yours that you might have.

North sate Internet service uses a DSL method of Internet connection which basically means that Internet will be provided to each house that has applied and subscribed to it by the means of telephone lines.

Mostly people residing in North Caroline usually chose NORTHSTATE Internet due to its famously high speed data.

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After the birth of the Internet in 1983, various companies originated and started supplying Internet around the earth.

Some of these companies kept their promise of providing high speed Internet service to all the users no matter the area is urban or rural however some of these companies lacked in their promise of providing a high speed Internet and started supplying a poor quality Internet to its users.

Now there was no proper way of finding if the Internet speed is slow or lacking and there was no evidence that could have shown the Internet service providers helpline that their Internet service is poor. To solve this problem, the joint efforts of two team mates brought forward the concept of speed tests.

Speed test result components:

Although downloading speed is mostly used by most Internet speed test services to check the capability of how the Internet is performing, consistent and variables such as

  • The uploading speed
  • The downloading speed
  • The jitter test/ The packet delay variation test
  • The ping test / The Latency test

Should be included in the test as a bare minimum.

NORTH STATE broadband packages list:

Mentioned below is a list of packages that north state Internet has to offer to its users:

200 Mpbs

40 usd per month

500 Mbps

60 usd per month

1000 Mbps

70 usd per month

Tips for a better reading if speed test:

Who doesn't want a good speed test score on their speed tests? If you are serious about improving your speed test score, then try using the following advices to your advantage:

  • The Internet e cable has been shown to show good and improved results when connected to the computer directly.
  • Owing to common sense, all the in use tabs and applications should be closed when testing the Internets speed.
  • Please ask your family members or your work space acquaintances to not use the Internet at that time for any high load work.

Average Internet speeds:

As a bare minimum, every Internet service should have the following speeds at least.

Average internet speed

1000 mbps

Average dwnaloding speed

1000 mbps

Average uploading speed

10 mbps

Lowest speed recorded

0.77 mbps

Latency value

100 milli seconds

Speed test results:

Following components must be included in a speed test at the very least

  1. The downloading speed
  2. The uploading speed
  3. The ping test/ The Latency test
  4. The jitter test/ The Packet variation delay test

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

1- Is downloading speed a good marker of the total capability of my internet?

Yes, downloading speed or velocity is considered to be a very good indicator of one's Internet quality overall wise however to know the quality of your Internet in depth you should always look into the four basic parameters of the speed test like we have mentioned already in the blog article.

2- What to do if my Internet almost always stays below average?

Our team surely understands the agony of having a slow speed Internet.

If your Internet almost always stay below average even after trying to restart or troubleshoot it then the only option left is to file a complaint to the helpline service of your Internet service provider.


Therefore, avoiding the official channel of speed test checking through NORTHSTATE you can easily check the capability of your Internet service through the link given below at the bottom Of this web page.

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any problem or query.