Optus Speed Test

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Average Optus Internet Speed

52.07 Mbps
Download Speed
14.81 Mbps
Upload Speed
2015.4 m/s
Ping Latency

In this article, we are going to discuss the Optus speed test and how it worksYou want to check the speed of your internet connection. You can check it with the speed test. Many internet service providers are providing internet services with the best they can offer, and they are doing their best.

It will measure the quality of the internet connection, whether it is good or bad. If the results get good, then it means you are using a good internet connection. You will be able to enjoy the browsing and downloading speed.

People need internet connection according to their needs like gamers want to have the best speed of the internet because they used to play the games all the time, and also streams require a good strength of internet speed.

A lot of people do face troubles and problems with their internet connection. Some of the people might not get the connection, but some of them get and have bad internet speed or bad network. Having a bad network faces very difficulties.

Optus speed test will do the speed test for you to get an idea if your internet speed is good or if it is bad.


To test the internet speed of your internet. Optus offers internet speed built in his home app, which is available for android and IOS devices. If someone wants to test on a mobile device, then it is very good. You have to keep in mind that it is limited by the top speed of your tablet's Wi-Fi or mobile phone. 

If you want to test the speed of the internet, you need to make sure that no one is using the internet, which includes things like streaming and downloads. You have to follow the steps which are given below.

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  • You have to click on the round button which is given above
  • You have to wait for the progress bar 
  • You have to make a note of the upload speed and download speed
  • If the results are low, then you have to change the server’s name.


By testing the internet speed of your internet, you will be able to know the speed of your internet and what amount of money you are paying for it. If the connection is bad and you are paying a lot of money for it, then this is not good.

It is very important if you have an internet connection you have to be satisfied with it. Customers do not have much control over the internet service. Downloading is taking a lot of time because of the bad internet connection, and people are not aware of it, so this test will help them know how good or bad their internet connection is.


Optus speed test is a very stable and reliable speed test to know the speed on your internet connection. You have to follow the simple and easy steps, and it will do the test with accurate results.