Orange Espana Speed Test

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Average Orange Espana Internet Speed

42.50 Mbps
Download Speed
9.32 Mbps
Upload Speed
133 m/s
Ping Latency

Everything To Know About Orange Espana Speed Test! Orange Espana is one of the 392 internet service providers currently working in Spain. At present, it ranks in third place among all the ISPs. You can get your net access in Barcelona, Zaragoza, Almería, Granada, Bilbao, Alicante, Seville, Madrid, Badajoz, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Valencia, and other cities within Spain.

How Can You Make Use Of Speed Tests?

If you find that the internet speeds are not what you actually expected, do not despair. There are numerous actions you can take to correct the issue.

  • Make certain that the router settings are optimized and correct.
  • Troubleshoot the in-home internet configuration before blaming the internet service provider.
  • Call the internet service provider and report the issue. They might have to send you a replacement router.

How To Improve Speed Tests?

The internet speed test seems simple. You go to a website, perform the test, and get a precise measurement of download and upload speeds to and from the PC. The reality is that it is not that easy. There are a lot of factors that can slow down the connection and affect the measurements and give imprecise results.


For receiving accurate Orange Espana Speed Test results while connected to the router you’re your wireless connection, the placement of the mobile device or PC makes a great difference. Certain wall materials or different objects can potentially interfere with or block the signal.

You will desire to make certain you are running the speed test in a place with a strong connection to the home router. The perfect scenario is placing the mobile device or PC in the same room as your wireless router before performing the tests.

Check For Trouble Applications:

One of the biggest issues individuals ignore when performing speed tests is the network bandwidth usage happening on the test device itself. Clearly, having an app like Netflix streaming while you are performing the test will give a terrible speed outcome. 

However, even when you are not conducting obvious bandwidth-consuming programs, there could be other programs utilizing the network card without even knowing it. You can check which programs consume the network connection using the Task Manager.

  • First off, right-click on your taskbar > choose Task Manager.
  • Then, choose the Processes tab.
  • Choose the Network field for sorting the active processes by network use.
  • At the top of the network usage list, make a note of all the processes.

If any non-browser processes consume much network bandwidth, you can simply right-click on that process and choose End task for closing them. Once you are certain that the process consuming the network card's bandwidth is closed, you are ready to perform the wifi speed tests.

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Test From Several Devices:

The biggest mistake a lot of individuals make is perfuming speed tests from an older PC that might have an older network card incompetent of the type of speeds provided by the internet service provider. Modern network cards are able to handle data transmission speeds of up to a thousand megabits per second. 

Those ought to have no issue running precise speed tests. However, much older computers could have network cards just capable of one megabit per second to ten megabits per second. If you are attempting to confirm a connection capable of 60 megabits per second, you will think the net speed is too slow when it is not. 

A simple solution for this problem is to perform the net speed tests from several devices. Try to perform a test using the laptop in one area of your home. Then try with the mobile phone in some other part of your home (make certain you have connected to your wifi and not the mobile data connection). Take the outcome of all tests and compare them for the most precise speed results.

Stop All The Internal Streaming Throughout The Test:

There are two types of existing network traffic that can impact the wifi tests negatively. These are the internal traffic inside the house and external traffic in the neighborhood. The internal traffic would be the children in their bedroom watching high-bandwidth games while you are attempting to perform the wifi speed test. 

This bandwidth usage is like too much water attempting to fit through a tube going out of the home. The network speed test could return a false and low result. Make certain everybody in the home is disconnected from your internet throughout the small time frame you are running the wifi speed testing. It’ll make sure that you are testing accurate network streaming when the system has access to the whole internet bandwidth.

Run Several Tests At Diverse Times Of The Day And Week:

A lot of individuals do not contemplate the impact neighbors have on the net speed. It’s particularly true if you are on a wired internet connection. In the case of wired internet, neighborhoods frequently share a connection to a close-by network router on the route to your local ISP’s main hub. 

It’s particularly factual if you live in the highly inhabited neighborhoods where many families live near one another. If you perform the wifi speed test throughout a time when everybody in the neighborhood is at home playing online games or watching films, you are gonna see a major drop in the test measurements. 

Another problem with neighbors is the overlapping channels. The great thing to accomplish is to scan for all the networks close by and try to switch to a diverse channel. Also, the majority of individuals are still utilizing 2.4 GHz networks, so moving to a five GHz connection can speed up things, though it’d normally need upgrading the router. 

By spreading out the wifi testing over several times of the day and throughout diverse days of the week, you will make sure you have a good picture of the actual network speed. You can utilize the best measurement as the baseline for the perfect internet speeds and the lowest measurement as what you can anticipate throughout the peak internet usage hours in the neighborhood.


Ultimately, simply accepting and coping with the slow wifi or slow net speed is not a good thing. It can affect the enjoyment of streaming music and video services, drag online gaming to a crawl, and make the overall net experience miserable. Perform a few speed tests and make certain you are receiving the speeds that you have paid for.