OVH Speed Test

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Average OVH Internet Speed

15.0 mbps
Download Speed
9.0 mbps
Upload Speed
150 ms
Ping Latency

OVH speed test is of the utmost high quality speed tests that you can use to get an idea of your service for Internet’s speed in 2023.

It has been articulately designed to run sensitive tests in a short span of time on the provider of your service and give you the results in a brief form.

OVH Internet Speed Test and connection:

OVH internet service and cloud service are the top notch leading connection related services in Europe. They provide the joint combination service of providing not only the internet but also the cloud service along with the Internet.

Their packages also include the joint service of broadband and cloud service.

OVH is a very well know name in. The connection industry in Europe.

You can search more about their details their services on the Internet browser.

Introduction of speed tests:

Before the birth of the Internet, it was as we can call it a dark era of pre technology where simple tasks such as communicating would take hundreds of days to be performed.

Today's generation having been born in the modern day technology times cannot even grip the concept of having to communicate via pigeons yet alone surviving days without streaming entertainment giant 'Netflix and the concept of having to survive without the use of Instagram and snapchat remains out of question.

Albeit these modern day technologies have made our lives a lot easier, what surprising is the fact these technologies too are dependent on one measurement and that is the Speed of the Internet they are running on.

Where a slow speed service of Internet would make lives slow and cause disturbances at an international level a good speed service of Internet does the opposite and makes lives of all of its users comfortable.

But the questions is how does one know what is the speed of the service for internet that one is currently using the answer to questions lies in the background and concept of speed tests.

Use of speed tests:

Speed tests-diagnostic Internet tools firsts designed and created by two genius colleagues in 2006.

Their use soon became widespread due to the sensitivity and specificity of the data that they provided in their results.

Now each and every layman has an idea of what speed tests are and of their convenience. The only dilemma that is left is to ensure the best speed test in the town for their use.

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Speed test result components:

A basic speed test only manages to include the downloading speed test factor however now if you have to get an idea of the excellency of other speed tests, the main prognostic factor for that is not only will they have a very sensitive measure of the downloading speed but they will also have the sensitive measures of following dependents

  • The uploading speed
  • The downloading speed
  • The jitter test / The packet delay variation test
  • The ping test / The latency test

These factors decide the accuracy and sensitivity of a speed test.

OVH broadband and cloud packages list:


From usd 360 per month


From usd 780 per month

These are the two main cloud packages offered by OVH in combination to the Internet packages offered by the partners of the OVH.

OVH speed test:

OVH speed test runs the uploading speed test, the downloading speed test, the jitter or more scenically known as the pa let delay variation test and the Latency or the ping test across the OVH and its partners internet service to give you an idea of the performance of your Internet service.

Advice for a better reading of speed test:

Following advice must be followed for a good and improved reading of a speed test

  • The Internet cable should be removed from the Wi-Fi modem and needs to be connected to the computer/device you are using.
  • The opened tabs and in use applications on the computer/device you are using should be closed.
  • NO other person whose device is connected on the same person should be using the Internet for large files of heavy load work.

Ways to go about after the speed test results are displayed:

Now one can either directly call the Internet services helpline and start blaming or try the following things at home first in order to get a better second result of a speed test.

  • Give a try restarting the Internet modem
  • Give a try restarting the device.
  • Give a try and troubleshoot the device.

Speed test results:

  1. The downloading speed
  2. The uploading speed
  3. The ping test/ The Latency test
  4. The jitter test/ The packet delay variation test

Average speed test results:

Average internet speed

12-25 mbps

Average downloading speed

500 mbps

Average uploading speed

5 mbps

Lowest speed recording

0.77 mbps

Latency value

100 milliseconds

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1- How do I have an idea of the strength of the Wi-Fi modem?

That’s a no biggie, all you have to do in order to know the strength of your Wi-Fi modem is to run our speed test based on the Internet connection or service in usage and the results, displayed by our speed tests will then show you the quality and strength of your Wi-Fi mode.

2- How do I know if the speed test under consideration is accurate and not biased towards a certain Internet service company?

We take pride in the fact that our speed tests are of the utmost high accuracy and sensitivity that you will find in today's speed test market.

As far as bias is concerned, we are a genuine and legitimate third part speed testers and are not biased towards any specific Internet company.


OVH speed test is the best tool so far when it comes to checking the speed of your Internet service via a third party route.

Users who have currently used this service have left amazing reviews in our comments section. Make sure to check them out.