Rain Speed Test

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Average Rain Internet Speed

25 Mbps
Download Speed
12 Mbps
Upload Speed
12 ms
Ping Latency

Are you a Rain network consumer and looking to test your internet connection speed in South Africa? Do you want to know how to access the Rain speed test? If you have answered yes, this post is what you need.

Based in South Africa, Rain is a data-only network company that offers telecommunication services. The Rain is a full-service mobile network provider that focuses on providing data networks in South Africa. It was formerly known as Wireless Business Solutions.

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Rain is building a next-generation LTE-Advanced network to make sure its consumers stay connected to uncountable possibilities of the digital universe that, too, is a simple and transparent way. The company connects people to the unlimited possibilities of the digital era. The Rain's core aim is to provide its consumers with open access to the internet at the best possible quality and speeds it can deliver at affordable rates.

Let's briefly discuss the company!

What is Rain Network?

The Rain WLAN network consists of about 750 LTE-Advanced sites. The company is now planning to stretch its network to 2,000 sites. Moreover, through its Internet Solutions channel, the company is providing commercial LTE-A packages to local Internet Service Providers.

The company boasts fiber-to-the-sky for its consumers, which will be beneficial for those who are unable to access fiber or looking to have a troublesome-free and fast setup with their brand new broadband connection.

Furthermore, the company is not teaming up with Huawei to deliver the devices required for its consumers to get the advantage of the brand new, high-speed mobile standard. This Rain company's decision has made South Africa the first country in the world to introduce 5G internet technology.

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Benefits of Using Rain Network:

There're numerous reasons why you should use the Rain network. Some most particular reasons why you should consider Rain network include;

Network Capacity and Rates

The most important reason why you should consider the Rain network is its large network capacity and affordable rates. This is also the reason why it is popular among heavy data users. It offers packages as cheap as 1GB for R50 only. Moreover, you will also enjoy Rain unlimited data for 19 hours daily and monthly for just R250.

Supports 4G Exclusively

Using Rain network, you do not have to be concerned about your internet network performance when you are in the middle of your data stream. Since the company offers only 4G and LTE technology, it is extremely fast and efficient. It doesn't offer 2G or 3G networks, which makes it the best internet service provider for heavy data consumers.

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Impressive Rain Network Coverage Targeting Urban Areas

Data consumers living in populated areas will love Rain network since it spends billions on incredibly high-speed internet infrastructures. Since it targets urban setups, people living in urban areas will be able to cut down their internet costs.

Unmatchable Speed with Fair Costing Policies

Slow internet connections are so irritating and leave you with uncompleted tasks. Rain network delivers up to 20Mbps speeds of network. However, these speeds may hit the hitch during peak time, causing minimal inconvenience when you want to stream. You will enjoy up to 30Mbps internet speeds during off-peak hours.

Rain Speed Test

If you are a Rain network consumer and want to test your internet speed, you can do that through the Rain speed test. It lets you test your internet network upload and download speeds within a single click. Here is how you can use the Rain speed test to check your internet speeds;

Make sure your device is connected to the Rain network.

Open a web browser and access the Rain Speed test using the URL

Once the webpage loads completely, you will see the Go button in the center of the webpage.

Click on the Go button, and it will start calculating your Rain internet connection speeds.

Wrapping Up

That is all about the Rain network and Rain speed test. The company is based in South Africa and offers Wireless network solutions. I have discussed the benefits of using Rain network and how to test your Rain network speed through the Rain speed test. For queries, use the comment section below.


Q: Does the Rain speed test displays accurate internet network speeds?

Ans: Yes! The Rain speed test displays accurate internet network speeds.