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(Residential Communications Network) The Internet itself is so great, but when it comes to slow speed internet, it is the most irritating thing. However, you can check the internet speed to assess your internet connection in just one click. In this post, we will talk about the RCN and RCN speed test.

The Internet is probably the most essential and decisive invention of the information age. It has changed the way of living to improve the quality of life. It allows us to access things that were inaccessible before. It is the most important tool for communication. It is an arduous task to think of an aspect of life that hasn't been affected by the InternetInternet.

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There are various well-known network providers who provide InternetInternet, TV, and phone services in the United States. Among them, one of the popular and well-known network providers is RCN. They offer an excellent network for both homes and businesses.

Moreover, they also offer a bunch of communication products and network solutions. If you are a consumer of RCN and want to check your network speed to make sure you are getting the same speed as mentioned in your contract with the company, you can use the RCN speed test.

No matter whether you browse online occasionally or spend most of your time surfing, streaming videos and gaming, or downloading music, you can assess your network speed right there. RCN speed test is used to measure your wireless or LAN connection and to analyze if there is anything that you can do to boost your network performance.

How to Test Internet Speeds Using the RCN Speed Test?

Although assessing your internet speeds using an RCN speed test is just a button away, but before doing that, there are some additional steps to remember and to make sure you get the most accurate results.

These steps include;

Use LAN Connection

Generally, a wired internet connection is always delivered much faster speed and better performance than that WLAN internet connection. When using the RCN speed test to check internet speed, make sure to directly connect your device to your modem through a LAN cable.

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Turn Unused Connected Devices Off

The next thing to consider while using the RCN speed test to check internet speed is to turn off all the unused connected devices. It includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, PCs, gaming consoles, and other smart home devices. However, if there are too many devices connected to your internet connection, it may slow down your internet connection speeds.

The reason is that connected devices distribute bandwidth in equal parts like a pie. Each device takes only the speed allotted to it, making it run slowly while in use.

Close Apps and Programs Running in the Background

Whether the device is in use or not, the apps and programs running in the background may be using your internet connection. It is suggested to close all the apps and programs while using the RCN speed test for checking internet speeds.

Procedure to Use RCN Speed Test for Checking Internet Speed

If you've followed the above steps I've mentioned, you are all set to test your internet connection speeds through the RCN speed test. Here is how to do that;

Make sure your PC or laptop is connected to an internet connection.

Use the URL through a web browser to access the RCN website.

Once the web page is fully loaded, you will see the "Test My Internet Speed" button in the center of the webpage.

Click on it to check your internet upload and download speeds.

For upload speed test, click on the Upload option, while to get download speed, click on the download option.

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Wrapping Up

That is how you can test your internet connection speeds through the RCN speed test. It is a simple task, but you should follow the steps above to make sure to get accurate speed results. It will also let you know if you are getting the full speed and what steps you have to take to optimize the network speed. If you have any queries regarding the RCN speed test, you are welcome to post a comment below.


Q: Do I have to disconnect the unused device before checking my internet speed?

Ans: Yes! Disconnecting unused devices before running the RCN speed test will give you accurate results.