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What is the RDS and RDS speed test? How to use it to measure your internet upload and download speeds? If you are looking to find answers to these questions, you are on the right page.

REDtone Digital Services or RDS is a one-stop digital solution, infrastructure, and telecommunication provider based in Malaysia. The company was founded in 2019, which means it is relatively new in the business. Being a licensed local loop telecommunication service provider, the company offers cutting-edge and enterprise solutions, triple play, cloud hosting services, customer on-boarding, on-demand entertainment, and much more.

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Why is Running RDS Speed Test Necessary?

Here are some factors why you should run an RDS speed test;

To determine if you're getting what you have paid for

All the internet service providers offer a specific internet speed for their monthly subscription, and to know that if you are getting the same speed, you have paid for, conducting an RDS speed test Cerc is the best way to make sure the internet provider is telling the truth about the subscription you have paid for.

For instance, if your internet service provider stated that you would get 10 Mbps internet speed, but when you stream videos, upload images online, or just browse the internet, it runs very slow. When you run a speed test, it shows you a speed of only 5Mbps, which means either your internet service provider is lying about the internet speed for the subscription package you have paid for or a problem with your router that needs troubleshooting.

That is why it is essential to run the speed test frequently for smooth and uninterrupted connectivity.

To know who is the best internet provider for you.

Internet services have an incredibly tight competition in the market today. That is why providers are willing to offer great deals to their customers through a one-month free trial. This is great for you to test them to know which internet service provider offers the best deals.

In this regard, the RDS speed test custom is necessary to conduct. Try running an internet speed test on different internet providers to verify each one of them. This will help you identify who is the best provider offering the fastest internet and who is more reputable than others.

To detect the number of devices connected to your internet.

Some people prefer to keep their internet open. They don't use a password to prevent the connectivity of unknown devices. It is also one of the common reasons why your internet slows down. Apart from your family members, other people might be using your internet if you don't have a password put in place.

So, running an RDS speed test is a great way to measure your internet download and upload speeds and identify how many devices are connected to your internet.

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How fast is RDS Internet Speed?

It is a conflict of interest when Internet service providers (ISPs) conduct their speed tests. That is why a third-party opinion is vital, so the provider should not be allowed anywhere near that process. When an internet service provider conducts its speed test, they overlook the variables you want to test. However, when it comes to the RDS speed test, it is an unbiased test, testing and grading all the providers following the same criteria.

How to Run the RDS Speed Test?

Here is how you can run the RDS speed test;

First of all, launch a web browser from your device.

Input the URL (rcs-rds.speedtestcustom.com) in the address bar and press Enter.

You will land on the main webpage of the RDS speed test.

Click the Go button, and it will start measuring your upload and download speeds.

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Final Words

That is all about the RDS speed test. It helps you calculate your internet connection's download and upload speeds and know how many devices are connected to your internet connection. It is also helpful if your internet is running slow and you want to verify whether you are getting the same speed you have paid for.


Q: Does the RDS speed test give accurate internet speed measurements?

Ans: Yes! It provides accurate internet speed measurements. However, you should disconnect all other devices and operations before conducting an RDS speed test to get accurate calculations.