Shaw Speed Test

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Average Shaw Internet Speed

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Troubleshooting by Shaw Speed Test

Are you frustrated about your frequent slow browsing? Maybe you have been calling the internet help center, but you can still not solve your issues. So, the Shaw speed test is a type of detection that helps you to detect your internet speed. Shaw Communications is Canada's best Telecommunications company and internet provider within the country.

Shaw Speed Test

(Capital Cable Television Company, Ltd) Shaw speed test is a website that provides internet users around the globe to test their internet speeds. It can test many features of an internet connection relating to its speed. 

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While doing a speed test, you must ensure that the connection is connected to just one device at the time of testing. This would help you to know your internet speed by doing a few clicks.

While doing a speed test, you must ensure that the connection is connected to just one device at the time of testing. This would help you to give better test results. And additionally, it will prevent you from errors.

How to run the Shaw Broadband Speed test?

The following are the steps to conduct a Shaw speed test on your device. 

The first thing to do is connect your wifi with the modem within a distance of ten feet or directly connect it through a cable to your device. 

Visit the website of Shaw speed test, i.e., for the upload and download results and note them down. 

Through these easy steps, you would know your internet speed by doing a few clicks.

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Components of Test Result

The Shaw speed test has four components in its test results, which are as follows.

Download test:

The download test lets you know how to download a file to your device from the internet. 

Upload test: 

The upload test involves detecting the speed, which helps you upload a file on any platform on the internet. 

Ping Test:

it detects the delay of time, which is taken by transferring the data.

 Jitter Test:

It is like a ping test. It also detects the delaying of time, which is taken in transferring date towards its endpoint. 

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Why choose Shaw Speed Tests

There are many speed tests available on the internet, but you must know why you have chosen a specific test to determine your internet speed. 

Following are some of the good reasons to choose the Shaw speed test:

  • It is unbiased. 
  • It is very reliable. 
  • It is effortless to do. 

Why are speed tests important for internet connection?

Internet speed checking is of great importance as it helps you know your capability to download and browse different files and websites. The following are some of the important reasons for conducting a speed test. 

You should regularly see your internet speed as sometimes you may not notice a slow internet speed because you are only using YouTube and chatting with your friends. But the internet facilitates you beyond, and so you expect the same from it. 

You get to know your slow internet speed mostly when you are downloading a huge file, or maybe you are downloading some stuff from torrent to enjoy your weekend. 

Internet speed detection doesn’t take much time; in fact, it is significantly less time-consuming. Also, it is effortless to do. So, if you know your internet speed, you can get any surprising internet issues while you intend to download something huge or watch a movie. 

Checking your internet speed also helps you to know that your payments are justified or not. For example, maybe you bought a package for 150 Mbps, but you are using the internet with a speed of 90Mbps. So, with a speed test, you are helped to recheck your purchase and its ability. 


Speed tests are important to know about your internet access speed. It helps you to understand the issues that you are suffering from daily hard browsing. They are easy to do, and they help you to justify your payments for internet connections.

Shaw Speed tests are used worldwide by internet users to detect their internet speed. They let you know whether is speed, or some other technical default is slowing down your internet.  

It also helps you know your upload and download speed, so you don’t get frustrated while taking the time or plan to download at night while you are sleeping. 

The best thing that it is helping you with is to get the desired package so you can browse at speed your own choice. Further, you can justify whether you are paying for the product you asked for or not.  

We recommend you to go for speed tests so you can be more smart using technology.