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In Canada, Shaw and Telus are the main internet service providers (ISP). Recently I started to notice that my internet seemed a lot slower, so I did some research into what would be causing this, and it turns out that many people have complained about Shaw's service quality recently.

My downtime has been a thing of the past since I upgraded to fibre 2 years ago and have full speed 24-7. Telus offers me 300mbps for $50, tv for $25, and free landline as well!

The Globe and Mail's The Cave blog: "Shaw's problems, in short, appear to be most of its own making." All I have to say is that we share the same ISP as these people and have had no such major problems.

A self-proclaimed "journalist on internet trends": "I soon ran into Shaw's network congestion problem," he wrote. Monahan blamed overreaching by Internet Service Providers (ISP) like Shaw for this problem. His contention was that too many retailers were signing up too many customers at the same time which caused a traffic explosion on the ISP's systems — leading to slower speeds and dropped connections.

The Toronto Star : Apparently having an interminable wait times for your DSL or Fibre connection is a thing of the past, with Toronto-based internet service provider [ISP] Teksavvy reporting DSL connection speeds are up 30 per cent from last year.

She said there has been an upward shift in speed over the past two years as ISPs change to faster services.

Gadgetmix : Internet providers are consistently expanding their reach around Canada and have updated many plans to include new features that make it easier for users to utilize more of what they already have. They include features like unlimited bandwidth and higher data transfer caps.

A self-proclaimed "journalist on internet trends": There's just one catch – getting unlimited download packages from major Internet service providers (ISPs) can be expensive. Here's a roundup of home Internet packages from around the country that come overflowing with data.

That last article: "from around the country" [it was really just one local area, pretty much — and I see a trend]

and so on, many others like it.

I guess this is my way of saying if you're not getting your money's worth out of those unlimited plans, take action and make a change.

Talk to your provider about what options are available in your area – you might be surprised what you find! (here's Toronto)

Hmm… let me figure this out for myself then please? I could have talked to a Telus rep when I had their service but chose not to because they didn't seem right for me at the time. I'll probably call them now and see what they can offer me, thanks though!