Sonic Speed Test

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Average Sonic Internet Speed

328.09 Mbps
Download Speed
320.54 Mbps
Upload Speed
1207 m/s
Ping Latency

 Different Variables Of The Sonic Speed Test Results! The sonic speed test will test the internet speeds. Try to check the connection a few times during the day to check if the speed test results change at the peak hours of usage. Run the test, compare the test results, and check what you can really do to get faster internet speeds.

The Variables Of The Speed Test Results:

The internet speed test to check the broadband speed entails four components: upload speed, download speed, jitter speed, and ping speed. Read further to acquaint more with such components.

  • Download Speed:

It’s actually the speed at which you can download information from the network. The satisfactory performance of broadband is actually stated by the download speed. It’s measured in megabits per second or Mbps. If, after performing the speed test, the result shows that the download speed isn’t sufficient for supporting online gaming, streaming, or different other such activities, take it that the internet is too slow.

  • Upload Speed:

It’s the speed at which you can upload data from your device over the internet. It’s also measured in megabits per second or Mbps. It shows how fast you upload huge programs.

  • Ping:

It shows the time interval in which the information gets to its destination. It’s measured in ms or milliseconds. Generally, latency below a hundred milliseconds is contemplated as perfect. Latency higher than two hundred milliseconds isn’t good at all as it shows the network connection slower than it actually is. The high latency can also direct to disruptions in video chatting, surfing activities, etc.

  • Jitter:

Jitter is also measured in ms or milliseconds; the jitter test also shows the interval in which the information gets to the destination. A hundred milliseconds is contemplated as perfect latency, while latency higher than two hundred milliseconds isn’t considered acceptable. The high latency can trigger disruptions while surfing through the web.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

The internet speed test relies on numerous internet connections. If you desire to test the speed of the broadband connection, you do not have to reach out to an expert for assistance. You can do so all by yourself. With the speed test, you’d be capable of tracing the problems that are making the internet slow.

Q: Why’s There A Disparity Between The Boot Up And Upload Speed Of Your Network?

The majority of individuals make use of broadband to download more data than upload. Hence, almost each network service provider makes sure to provide a better download speed than the upload speed.

Q: Why Does Network Get Really Slow?

The slow internet could be because of numerous reasons. Downloading or streaming data that consistently makes use of bandwidth can slower your network. Perform a speed test on the internet connection and if it is slow, restart your router.

Q: At What Speed Can You Enjoy A Great Internet Surfing Experience?

The perfect speed for surfing the internet is four to six megabits per second. You can simply stream HD 720p videos at such speed. Also, it permits you to download different videos in around twenty minutes.

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Q: Which Upload Speed Is Advertised As Perfect?

Although the ISPs prioritize the load speed, a broadband connection that provides equal upload and load speed are perfect by all means. The upload speeds between one to a hundred megabits per second are perfect.

Q: What’s The Perfect Boot Up Speed?

A download speed of around five to ten megabits per second per user is considered a good download speed. However, it relies on the reason the user makes use of the network for. For example, a user who makes use of broadband just for surfing on social media platforms can do so even with the low speed, but the same speed may be too slow for those who desire to download programs that make use of large bandwidth. So, a great internet speed is subjective to the users.

Q: What Should Be The Perfect Internet Speed For Using Skype, Netflix, And Playing Games Online?

If you receive a speed of twenty-five megabits per second while video calling on Skype, playing games, utilizing Netflix, or doing any other such activity, you can enjoy such activities without any disruptions.

Q: Why The Internet Speed Is Diverse On OC And iPad/Phones/Tablets?

The broadband speed tests calculate the speed of your broadband connection at a particular time. The variation can be the result of network congestion or accessible bandwidth.

Q: What Should Be The Ping Rate For Playing Games Online?

For demonstrating the best performance in a game, the internet ought to have perfect ping or latency; otherwise, the opponent may defeat you in your game. If that happens with you frequently, the latency is really high. 

To win a game, the latency ought to be 0 to 59ms. If you’re in a game, it ought to be between 60 milliseconds and 129 milliseconds. 130 milliseconds to 199 milliseconds and plus 200 milliseconds when struggling and game over, respectively, are perfect.