Spark Speed Test

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Average Spark Internet Speed

162.05 Mbps
Download Speed
92.65 Mbps
Upload Speed
55 m/s
Ping Latency

What Does The Spark Speed Test Tell You? 

Spark speed test is an ISP that works in New Zealand. At present, it ranks in first place among eighty-two internet service providers in New Zealand. The best coverage cities in the country are Ashburton, Dunedin, Whangarei, Auckland, Invercargill, Paraparaumu, Christchurch, New Plymouth, Wanganui, Palmerston North, and Wellington.

Before You Start The Speed Test:

  • Close Or Reboot:

Reboot the PC or close apps (like image editors, music, and video streaming applications) that can slow down the PC and skew the speed test results.

  • Plug It In:

Make use of the Ethernet cord to plug the PC into the modem. Ethernet cords can transmit data several times faster than wifi, so always plug in the PC or laptop before you start the speed test.

  • Select The Server:

Pick the speed test server that is in the city nearest to you.

  • One At A Time:

Make certain no one else is online. If other family members are making use of the net when you perform the speed test, there’ll be less bandwidth (or capacity on the network connection) for performing the speed test properly. Turn off the router's wifi and disconnect the Ethernet cords from other devices like the television.

What Broadband Speed Do I Require?

For streaming the content in HD quality, you’ll require a minimum dependable net speed of 15 megabits per second. If the speed is less than six megabits per second, you’ll come across major problems trying to stream. For the speeds in between the stream, quality ought to adjust accordingly. For finding out what the broadband speed is, follow the below steps: 

  • Make certain you’re on the device you plan to watch content. 
  • Click on the go button to start the Spark Speed Test.  
  • Identify the download speed in megabits per second or Mbps 
  • If the test result is higher than 15 megabits per second, you ought to be capable of streaming content of the highest quality. 

As with all the streaming services, if many users in the home or in the neighborhood are utilizing the net all at once, it might impact the experience.

Understanding The Terms Of The Speed Test:

  • Download Speed And Upload Speed:

Watching TV, movies, games, and music needs lots of data to move swiftly from the net to the PC, TV, or device. The more Mbps you see in the download and upload results, the stronger the internet connection.

  • Ping Rate:

It measures the delay or time it really takes information to move from one device to the other and back again. If a site you’re attempting to reach is busy or far away, then it’ll take longer to get a response, and the ping rate will be high.

  • Jitter Value:

Information is transferred across the net as a series of packets. Such packets frequently move at a regular rate and are combined together on the destination PC. If the delay rate between such packets increases or becomes irregular, then the jitter value will ascend.

How Can You Improve The Internet Speed?

So the ISP said you ought to get one speed, but the internet speed is lower. We know that feeling. Here’s a how-to guide on improving the net speed.

  • Test The Broadband Speed:

The simplest method of troubleshooting a sluggish net connection is to run an internet speed test. A speed test will check the download and upload speeds, as well as review the connection quality.

The speed test outcome will offer a benchmark for how well the broadband is doing given the type of network (wireless, fiber, or copper) and assist in identifying the potential issues in the wifi setup.

  • Upgrade The Router/Modem:

Just like several other electronic devices, modems have to be upgraded after some years. Upgrading the modem (also recognized as a router) every five or so years will guarantee it can handle the newest advancements in broadband technology. When you switch to or sign up for a new ISP, they’ll frequently supply you with a free router. 

However, if you are purchasing one yourself, be certain to compare the specs (memory, processor power, and frequency bands) to find the best one. It is worth spending money on a quality modem, as it’ll offer a better-fixed connection in the house.

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  • Switch To A Faster Broadband Plan:

When did you review the broadband plan previously? Upgrading the internet connection is a quick and easy option to improve the net experience, and it can frequently end up being more cost-effective. Providing speeds of up to 900 megabits per second, fiber is a great choice for the high-performance net. If fiber is not accessible in the area, VDSL is the next best choice.

  • Extend The Home Network Coverage:

Do you live in an apartment building, a big house, or a property with several levels? If so, the odds are that the modem struggles to transfer the wifi throughout the residence. For rooms with weak signals, you will have to extend the network using Ethernet cords. Other options to extend the network coverage include utilizing a powerline adapter or installing a mesh wifi network or a wifi extender. 

The extension technique you utilize will rely on the property impediments (like concrete and glass), and you might discover both a wifi extension and powerline adapter are needed to get around these. As extending the network coverage can become quite expensive, a perfect choice is to simply upgrade the modem, which can simply boost the network range and strength.

  • Improve The Home Network:

If you are experiencing disrupted or slow internet, it might be an effect of where the modem is placed. The modem’s location can have a huge impact on the net experience, as wifi signals can just reach a limited distance. 

Different electronic devices and certain materials can also obstruct the connection. A perfect spot for modems is in a central and high location near other data-hungry devices (such as your gaming console, TV, or stereo). 

If you desire to improve the streaming experience quality further, you can plug such devices directly into the modem through an Ethernet cord. Do not forget, information moves much faster through the Ethernet cord than it does through wifi, so whenever possible, connect your device to the modem.

  • Update And Upgrade The Devices:

Whether it is your computer, phone, laptop, or television, the device you make use of for connecting to the net can have a huge impact on the performance and speed of the net. Devices that have not been updated or upgraded in a long time are likely to do poorly online.

Updating the phone to the most recent software is one way you might be capable of improving the broadband experience. You can also check if you are on the newest version of your favorite web browser, whether that be Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

  • Select The Best ISP:

Although it might seem like ISPs all provide the same plans at similar charges, the plans usually provide quite a variation in the performance. All the ISPs make diverse selections about how their network is planned, and such choices affect the performance. Choices about routing, handover, backhaul, and peering all add to the speed at which the data moves from the local cabinet to the modem. Read more