Speed Test Chrome Vs Firefox Speed Test

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Average Speed Test Chrome Vs Firefox Internet Speed

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The Google Chrome web browser has long been considered one of the fastest web browsers available, but is it really better than other popular options like the Mozilla Firefox? If so, by how much? Today we take a look at exactly that and see what's inside the numbers.

While Chrome does have a reputation for speed, we wanted to put it to the test against its most popular competitor and see how things pan out. So we rounded up our favorite web browsers in 2017, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Apple's Safari browser. We decided to do Speed Test.

They have servers located all over the world and will give you an accurate idea of your internet speeds based on various factors in your area as well as things like server load.

Chrome vs Firefox Internet Speed Test Results

Firefox edged out Chrome by just a few points in download speed while Google Chrome was faster when it came to loading large files. Chrome is not really a faster browser than Firefox when it comes to speed. Both browsers are very fast in action, but Chrome is a little faster on desktop and Firefox is a little faster on mobile.