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Of course, we have to start with the basics here. A lot of people will tell you that you should never use a speed test to determine your internet's speed because there are so many things it can't control (like your hardware quality and internet traffic).

why are speed tests sometimes good enough?

The biggest problem with speed tests is that they tend to "hide" some of your computer's weaknesses. For example, if you try a speed test on a really old computer (one without as much RAM and processing power) it could be very slow since the system just can't handle the software. The same thing applies to people who use really old modems (like a 56K modem from the 90s).

So to be fair, you could say that when it comes to speed tests: "they're not good or bad, they just are what they are. We recommend it for occasional use, but if you're trying to diagnose a recurring problem you should probably contact your ISP and ask them about the error messages you're getting.

If your internet isn't working because of a more serious problem (like an outage), then testing it won't help you find out what's wrong. You might get a good result at home, but if your connection is being slowed down by something outside of your home (like a damaged wire), then the tests will only show you that everything is fine.

From this point on we'll assume you've ruled out any problems with hardware or software, and now you just want to be able to tell whether the internet speed test was "good" or "bad."

ISP Throttling Can Make Speed Tests Look Wrong

Now that we've established the basics, let's talk about how to tell whether a speed test is good or bad. Well... it can be tricky because of something called ISP throttling.

If your Internet Service Provider has been doing this for you (whether intentionally or unintentionally) then it might have looked like your internet speed test was bad when it was actually good. It all depends on how they've been handling data traffic in the past, but some ISPs will slow down connections just to deal with heavy loads.