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The internet is the most widely used technology over the globe. An internet connection is the core to your smart devices, PC, laptops, and Mac Books. To know that whether or not you are accessing a good internet connection, you should try the orange speed test at least once a week.

Almost all the modem and routers are made of plastic, and the lights showing different connect signals are nearly the same. So the only thing which makes the internet connect differently in the ways of good or bad for you is the internet speed. 

So, internet speed is the main thing which the internet services brand must be concerned about. Up till now, we have made up your mind enough to go for speed tests. But that's not all. You must know about the best available test so that you can rely on them. 

Time warner internet speed test

What is the Orange Broadband speed test?

Orange is one of the most widely used speed tests used to detect an internet connection's detailed speed. A few clicks can conduct it on your PC, laptop, or any other device. 

The Orange internet speed test is very easy to conduct, and you can do it almost every week as it is significantly less time-consuming. Following is the process of conducting a peed test and getting results for it. 

  • First of all, connect your wifi to your router or connect it by cable. 
  • Open a web browser and click on the link which is attached below:
  • You will see the option of "Go." Now click on it and wait for the results to display on your screen. 
  • The result which displays on your screen after doing a speed test by orange consists of four components:

Download test

The download test shows the speed with which you can download any file from the Internet by using your internet connection. 

Upload test

The upload test detects the speed with which you can upload any file, photo, or video on the internet by the internet connection you are using. 

Du broadband speed test

 Ping Test

Ping test detects the time taken in transferring data from one device to the targeted end, such as messages or videos. 

Jitter Test

It helps detect the rate of change in time, which is taken in the transfer of data from one place to another, such as messages or emails. 

Why use Orange?

You must go for a speed test orange for the following main points:

  • Easy to access.
  • Free to conduct.
  • Fast results.
  • Reliable.

How can a speed test be troubleshooting?

A speed test can be a troubleshooter while you are having problems with your internet connection for the following reasons:

 Sometimes you are paying for a high-speed internet connection, but you cannot get the desired speed. The reason might be that you are using an older router that cannot support the advanced rate. So, you troubleshoot your problem quickly, and it can be solved by buying a new router. 

If you keep on checking your Internet speed, you are capable of knowing about the ups and downs in speed at certain times. For example, in heavy rainfall, the speed slows down, so you can take a speed test and solve the issue, which may irritate your mind. 

Sometimes you may have an internet connection with a low-cost package, but it gives you high speed at some specific hours during the twenty-four hours. And the service salesman may be hiding it, but the speed test will let you know. 

Slow internet connections make you feel irritated and frustrated. They make you waste your time as you have to wait till the web is loading. So, it is necessary to know what is the speed of your internet.

Cnet internet speed test


In the world of globalization, the Internet is the key to communication and information. Your devices are almost entirely dependent on your internet connections. The only important thing that makes an internet service different or better than others is the internet speed. 

Orange broadband speed test is the best service that provides with most reliable and quick internet speed tests with four components in displaying their results. You should go for speed test orange to have the quick and best results in knowing your internet speed.