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Google's response to the question "What is faster phone or computer?" was published in their report for the second half of 2012. Based on around one billion tests worldwide and information from millions of users, Google's conclusion is that the computer wins.

The report shows averages worldwide and in the United States. It's pretty clear that people from Boston are on fire for wanting internet by phone while Winnipeg Internet wants it on their laptop.

In the United States, Boston and San Francisco residents are the most likely to use their phones for internet access. At nearly 17 percent, Boston has the highest percentage of mobile searches for fast internet access.

In comparison, Chicagoans look towards their computers first. More than half (52%) of people in the Windy City search online using a computer."

Why People Search Internet on Phone?

There are a couple of reasons why people might search for the internet on their phone:

  • They're in a place where they can only access the internet by using their phone, like underground transit.
  •  It's faster than searching from another device like a computer or tablet. Google doesn't break out numbers by type of device but they do say, "In the United States, 61 percent of mobile searches lead directly to a site or app." People might be looking for something and find it more quickly on their phone.

Google's results may not apply equally to other questions. For instance, when I asked about the internet, they have split down the middle.

Don't forget that there are a lot of variables: device type, time of day, location, and how far you live from your phone tower or Wifi router. But while Google's report says a phone isn't faster than a computer, your experience may vary.