StarHub Speed Test

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Average StarHub Internet Speed

79.05 Mbps
Download Speed
38.35 Mbps
Upload Speed
0 m/s
Ping Latency

Rules For The More Accurate StarHub Speed Test!

StarHub is the ISP that operates in Singapore. Presently it ranks in fifth place among 156 ISPs (internet service providers) in Singapore. Top coverage cities are Athens, Charlton Park, Tyersall Park, Ban Guan Park, Kampong Soopoo, Punggol Estate, Bedok Ville, Marsiling Estate, Radin Mas, Tay Keng Loon Estate, Peoples Garden, Singapore, Tian Guan Estate, Somapah Changi, and Tuas.

What Affects The Internet Speed?

Several factors are involved that can affect the net connection speed, comprising data streaming and connected devices. Some of the physical factors that can affect the broadband speed are exposed copper cables, extreme weather, weak or broken LAN cable, closed heavy transmission cords, or faulty modem/router, and weak wireless LAN signals.

How Can You Check The Internet Speed?

For running the StarHub Speed Test, simply click on the Go option for starting the speed test. The procedure takes a few seconds to calculate the upload and download speed and shows a full report. You can run as many tests as you desire. There’s no limit on how fast the net connection is. The internet speed test is free and has a simple-to-use interface.

Rules For An Accurate Speed Test:

  • Always Reboot The Router/Modem:

Rebooting is the standard first step for almost every tech issue, but it is also a great proactive step you should take as well, particularly with high-speed digital modems and routers. 

The router and modem that work together for giving the PC and other devices access to your network is itself, a tiny PC, a tiny PC with numerous really big tasks, like navigating all types of traffic properly around the connected house. Just like the smartphone or PC, different things keep it from functioning quite as well over time. 

With routers and modems, those problems at times manifest as slow movie streaming and web browsing. Since we are after a really precise speed test and rebooting the router and modem frequently assists in returning them both to complete working status, doing only that makes a lot of sense.

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  • Always Reboot The Device Or PC Before Testing:

Not to sound like a broken record, but rebooting really does assist a lot. Yes, just like you’re your modem and router, rebooting your Pc (or smartphone, tablet, etc.) that you are testing the net from is an extremely simple thing to do that may have a real impact on the internet test accuracy. It may seem strange to reboot the device when what you are testing is your net connection, but parts of your test depend on the hardware to function properly.

  • Do Not Utilize Your Net For Anything Else:

While you almost certainly already thought of it, it is perhaps the most significant rule to keep in mind when testing the net speed: do not utilize the net while you are testing it. Obviously, it denotes that you ought not to have a dozen other tabs open on the PC, but be certain to check on different things that you may take for granted that utilize the net a lot. 

Some things that come to mind comprise patches downloading through Windows Update, streaming music services that work in the background, Netflix streaming on a television in another room, wifi security cams uploading HD video, and a smart speaker playing a song in the bedroom, etc. 

Do not forget mobile devices, as well. The majority of smartphones auto-connect to the wireless network when they are in range, so enabling airplane mode is almost certainly a smart idea during the test. Assuming you are not testing from the phone, of course. If you are not certain if something may be utilizing the net, disabling it is a safe bet during the internet speed test.

  • Do Not Forget To Clear The Web Browser's Cache:

On that note, another great thing to do before testing the net speed is to clear the web browser's cache. You ought to do so before each following test, assuming you want to test numerous times in a row. The majority of net speed tests work by uploading and downloading one or more files of particular sizes and then utilizing the time such files take to do that for measuring the net speed. 

If you are testing numerous times consecutively, the test outcome after the initial test might be impacted by the fact that such files already exist on the PC (i.e., they are cached). A good speed test ought to compensate for that, but you would be astonished how frequently we see problems because they do not. read more


Reducing the noise during the speed test, which is what the numerous tips above assist you in doing, surely contributes to a more precise speed test result. Remember, however, that all you are testing with the speed test is how well the existing connection functions between the device or PC and the test server itself. 

While it’s amazing for a general idea of how slow or fast the net connection is, it does not necessarily denote that it’s the bandwidth you ought to always expect between you and someplace else.