TekSavvy Speed Test

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Average TekSavvy Internet Speed

54.69 Mbps
Download Speed
7.98 Mbps
Upload Speed
68 m/s
Ping Latency

Everything To Know About TekSavvy Speed Test! And TekSavvy is a Canadian internet service provider. This ISP ranks in the tenth spot among 424 ISPs in Canada. You can get access to your internet in Toronto, Ottawa, and other cities of Canada.

The slow net speeds are a huge problem, but it’s not a simple fix. There are a lot of things that have to be tested for. While it’ll take some time, please take a little time and go through everything slowly. As you might locate, something large or small is going wrong with the network that has to be addressed.

What’s The Internet Speed Test?

The TekSavvy Speed Test assists in measuring the real speed the ISP provides you with; if the speed is slower than promised, it is suggested to call and request the cause from the ISP. Utilizing the internet speed test, you’ll be capable of checking:

  • Download speed
  • Upload speed
  • IP address: the PC’s unique address on the Internet
  • Ping: the time spent on sending data/information to a test server and back

What Does The Internet Speed Rely On?

The internet speed relies directly on the internet connection type you’re making use of. These days, the most well-liked are:

  • 3G/4G: it is utilized in mobile nets. The USB modem is utilized for laptops and the PC connection, while for the internet 3G/4G routers.
  • FTTB: it is based on the fiber-optic cord usage, which is connected to a transmitter in the building of the subscriber, and then the twisted pair is outspread. These days, it is the most well-liked method of connection.
  • ADSL: this type makes use of a phone line. This technology has frequency division from the ones where the voice goes; therefore, the line’s free even while being utilized actively.

In fact, there are no issues with cable connection, whereas wireless may be bothersome. The more devices are attached to your router, the slower the internet speed may be. We suggest that you change the factory password of your wifi network to a more secure one.

Aside from the gadget, the speed can be affected by programs that make use of the traffic mainly. If the net speed varies more than ten percent, one more test is advisable. If the outcome remains the same, call your ISP for the reasons.

What’s The Ideal/Preferable Internet Speed For Videos, Games, And Skype?

It is frequently asked how you can define the perfect minimum of internet speed. Actually, it relies on usage purposes. If you simply have to utilize the social networking websites, thus you do not require more than three megabits per second.

You cannot live without streaming videos; less than twenty megabits per second aren’t even worth considering, will waste your time, and lose your patience. Are you fond of online video games? In that case, the net speed isn’t so very important as the quality of your connection, ping precisely (up to ten ms/s), and the nonexistence of packet loss.

The Quickest Method Of Figuring Out Slow Internet Speeds:

  • Check The Router And Modem Cords! 

If you see a broken coax/Ethernet/phone cord, you ought to replace those right away as they might be going old, triggering an out-of-spec signal to get through. Also, such devices do require ventilation! 

If it’s dusty or something else stacked on it, that ought to be eliminated. Also, make certain you don’t put your modem near any other electronic device; it can be getting some feedback triggering an issue!

  • Try To Plug In Your Modem Into Some Other Source:

Power outlets and bars can go bad over time and trigger voltage problems. Or it can be something as small as the power cord coming loose.

  • Connect Directly To The Modem:

Connect your device directly to the modem, and if a combo unit, bridge your modem. Then start the PC in Safe Mode with Networking, utilizing a CAT 6 Ethernet cord. Make certain your device can handle the speed you have paid for and perform a speed test.

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Is There Anything Simpler To Try First?

  • Make Certain Your Device In Question Isn’t Being Overloaded! 

Tabs, apps, and other programs can slow down the device if you desire it to or not. Make certain everything is entirely closed out. Also, double-check everybody on the network! For example, if somebody receives a new gaming console, they frequently have games and updates that are extremely large. They can be running it behind the scenes even without their knowledge. Have the individual check to make sure nothing is downloading.

  • Is Anybody Streaming Something? 

The majority of smart devices such as TV runoff applications. Make sure those are closed before conducting an internet speed test. If you perform the test afterward and these assist, then it was such devices! If you can’t do so, then try to change your wireless network name and password in the modem. 

Unplug your modem from its power source for five minutes at least, and then connect a device right on top of the modem using 5GHz and test. If that’s fine, then it’s the device if you know of one or not, or possible overcrowding. The simplest method is to attach the devices to the new networks one at a time and test. You might discover it was the one device in a far-away position.

  • VPN Or Custom DNS Can Also Slow Down The PC! 

Make certain everything is eradicated and set to the default settings. Then reboot or flush your device and try again. If it’s an intermittent issue, try to notice what occurs throughout that time; see if it’s slow or a complete disconnection. Getting your modem light pattern can assist you here. Also, check if something happens at the exact time. 

Yes, it sounds a bit crazy, but something like your washing machine switching on can be causing voltage feedback, and your modem breaks down! We’ve even had situations where a streetcar passes by and disconnects the wireless, but after it goes, everything’s just fine. Take care to narrow down anything else happening completely. Read More